Porsha Williams Is Giving Us Her Storyline For The Next Season Of Real Housewives Of Atlanta…We Don’t Want It But We Are Still Going To Watch….

Porsha, Porsha, Porsha! Say what you want about Porsha Williams but she has a knack for keeping her name in everyone’s mouth. Porsha Williams of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” fame is trending again! She is a social media dream but I’m starting to think she is a public image nightmare. No, Porsha. We love you girl, but you are tripping and so are we. Porsha is smiling and happy, and once again the talk of social media.

I always liked Porsha. What’s not to like? Porsha is entertaining. And while she doesn’t get my feathers in a bunch, I always get a kick out of women like Kenya Moore justifying hating her very existence. The “Aquarius” in me is always fascinated how some women love her, and some women hate her. Why would you hate a woman you don’t know for living their life, albeit in the public eye but it’s still her life, and if she bothers you, why focus on her so much. I watch her on television because I like her personality. That’s it. She does her job. If reality shows are suppose to be entertaining, she is exactly why I watch people like her. She entertains us.

My “aquarian spidey senses” just tingle with joy when a YouTuber gives a whole rant on the life of a woman who smiles and cries and experiences her life while you take time out of your un-busy schedule to examine every aspect of it. It makes me like her for no other reason than I get to watch relational aggression and critique it. Yes, the cattiness has a name.

It’s known in the social science realm as, RELATIONAL AGGRESSION, and no I’m not going to do a whole post explaining what it is. Do your own research, because this post is about the latest trending topic featuring the Princess of Thotland herself……introducing the Real Housewives of Atlanta very own Porsha Williams. Take a seat ma’am this is your moment, but do you really want to go out like this?

Don’t worry, this is not a Sociology lesson, but you already know I’m going to rely on my behavioral science background to explore why the hell anyone cares what Porsha Williams does with her life. Sound like a topic you want to explore? Good keep reading…….

So Porsha Williams is apparently in a relationship with Simon Guobadia and surprisingly this is a hot topic. And why is everybody up and arms, because he is the ex husband of “friend of the show”, Falynn Guobadia who has appeared on the latest season of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” which airs on the Bravo Network. And yes, I’m about to give opinions, judgments and much more so keep reading if you want to read an unpopular opinion…..

This is super duper messy. Porsha, this is not a good look and Porsha Williams fans, this is the reason why it is always problematic to view celebrities in a un-realistic light. Porsha Williams is a train wreck and the worst thing in everybody’s mind is she has the audacity to show it to us. But why do we watch? The audacity of it all.

I had her back when she supposedly slept with the infamous adult entertainer, “Bolo”. For the life of me I couldn’t fathom why the insinuation that she had consensual sex was everybody’s business. But it is par for the course when you are on a reality show, especially one with sinking ratings and your life is a storyline.

But we didn’t want this storyline! Falynn appeared on the show and Porsha is clearly in association with her, because she shot scenes in the woman’s home when she was still married to Simon. Porsha says her and Falynn are not friends as if it matters. You were in association with a woman who you are now allegedly engaged to her ex husband. That’s not okay. Its not okay for Simon to do this as well, but he has motivation to hurt Falynn, it makes no sense for Porsha to do something so hurtful to a woman she was once in association with. It’s tacky at best and insensitive at worst.

Porsha, you don’t need this type of attention or criticism and why the hell are people congratulating you? The people you have around you are supportive and that’s wonderful but who in their right mind would be supportive of Porsha making herself look like a woman who will crush another woman’s spirit just to be happy herself. I don’t think that Porsha realizes that that is the way this comes off, and how happy can you be in the long run if your actions causes another woman pain.

Okay enough of the judgments because I promise you Porsha Williams does not care. She is happy. Oh boy. And of course you two are smiling and happy! You barely know each other. Wasn’t Porsha happy with, how many people on the show so far?

Enough of the stings, I really don’t like pointing out certain things about Porsha because although I am writing about her if she were just a regular person, I would not critique her life out loud the way I am doing Ms. Williams. I have drug Kenya for being mean spirited, who knew Porsha had a bit of sting in her too? But stinging people is not productive but it does make a point in a striking way. Sometimes criticizing our behavior stings because we realize how we would feel if we were on the receiving end of what we are giving.

Porsha if it stings it’s because deep down inside you know what you are doing is foul, out of all the men you should of passed him up.

Finally, I want to remind us all that this will be a storyline of the reality show and if Falynn is on the show we will get plenty more opportunities to be entertained by Porsha Williams but not be invested in her life. She doesn’t care. She’s happy. Let’s just move on. You are going to watch her regardless but do you care?

But what do I know? I’m just a bootleg sociologist who nobody will listen to so I started a blog……….

What are your thoughts?

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