Recap Of Joseline’s Cabaret Atlanta Episode Three: “Work It Out Or Get Out”

Joseline has been trending lately for her interview with Wendy Williams, and even Candiace Dillard weighed in. Joseline is bringing attention to her reality show on the Zeus Network and we are doing our part too.

If you are watching “Joseline’s Cabaret Atlanta” you are in luck because I am recapping each episode this season so if you haven’t started watching the third episode yet, click off because this is the recap and it is full of spoilers. Ready? Let’s get started…….

Episode Three: “Work It Out Or Get Out”

The episode starts with Joseline’s video “Live Your Best Life” and by now we all are at home singing along.

So we are back to the moment that despite being on a show that will require dancing, Blue Face Barbie just can’t seem to get it through her head that she is out of her league.

She acts like she is about to dance but instead she ran up on Lucky Hustla, one mo gain….If you all had of took my bet you would of won.

Instead of being picked up off the floor this time, she is boo bopped into a corner. See Blue Face Barbie? Lucky was helping you. You could have been dropped to the floor for the umpteenth time but she spared you and you didn’t even thank her, lol. Security breaks them up.

Sapphire asks a poignant question. “How do you get your ass beat and you started the s***. We were wondering the same thing Sapphire. Lucky tells Joseline that Blue Face Barbie has to go because she is taking up space.

Joseline asks why Blue Face Barbie ran up on Lucky. According to her she was getting her licks back from being snuck by Lucky.

Girl, enough of the victim routine…. but she refuses to dance because she was demoted despite never being given the title “bottom bitch”.

Big Lex says Blue Face is not loyal to Joseline and Barbie tells her to shut up. The different women are chiming in. While they all are all trippin, Yummy P is working the pole oblivious to the drama. She and her lime green pasties are in their own world just a twirling as if the house wasn’t charged up.

Blue Face Barbie is calling Lucky broke, and saying she is not bottom bitch material and that she didn’t do nothing when they were fighting. You know, the usual bravado, calling her all types of names.

When Blue Face Barbie tells Lucky, “I got the real tea on you hoe,” Lucky runs up on her with her dukes up, and tells Blue Face Barbie to square up. Joseline gets between them. Im’ma need you to move Joseline because if you get so much as a paper cut, Ballistic Beats is going ballistic for real, ya dig?

Joseline is exasperated with the two. If she let yawl fight will it be over. She has things to do. She tells the “lookie Lou’s” to get out so no one will jump in. And then it’s round two! Let’s get ready to rumble!

Or in the case of Blue Face Barbie, let’s get ready to tumble! Joseline is going to let them go at it for thirty seconds and if they still won’t let the nonsense go, they both got to go home.

They face off. Blue Face Barbie asks Lucky what her problem with her was as if she didn’t spend all her time hating on her. You know good and dog gone well, you been coming for Lucky repeatedly. It’s just stupid. And you keep getting the stupid beat out of you, only for you to run up again running that big mouth.

Girls stop it.

We don’t believe you “Beat Up” Barbie. Lol.

We believe our eyes. All we see you doing is getting beat up and we are tired for you. At this point it’s a liability because you won’t stop running your mouth or stop campaigning for an ass whooping.

Of course when called out for the fair one, Blue Face Barbie gets to stalling giving this long drawn out soliloquy about her being about the money. Lucky tells her some of the reasons they got beef like her always thinking she could talk to her any kind of way.

They go back and forth, by this time Joseline is sitting down. They go on and on. Eventually Lucky has had enough and once again tells her to square up. Blue Face puts up her dukes.

And for the next thirty seconds, Lucky tosses her around by her hair, while socking Barbie upside her head. The whole thirty seconds Lucky beat the brakes, blood, sweat and phlegm out of the poor girl. Mercy. Blue Face Barbie didn’t even fight back!

Let this be a lesson for you girls. If you can’t fight shut up. And there is no excuse for a grown woman not being able to defend herself. I’m not no fighter but if I feel even a gust of wind blow across my face while we are arguing, Im’ma windmill the hell out of somebody.

And while my face is cosmetic surgery and makeup free I still don’t want no body’s fist on it. So guess what I do, I be on hush or talk mess from a distance. My mama didn’t raise no bully or punk. I’m just logical. But I digress…

It’s over for the night…. Joseline has had enough. She sends everybody away except for Blue Face Barbie. Explain yourself. Blue Face whines about being loyal as opposed to Lucky Hustla. Joseline genuinely looks sad.

Aaaaaw! Blue Face’s feelings are hurt. She has been demoted. This chick is really delusional. Please tell me it’s an act and she is just putting on for the show. Joseline explains that Lucky is the captain because she listens. How many times did she ask Barbie to chill and she refused?

Blue Face is steadily putting Lucky down as if it makes her look any better. It just makes her seem jealous, petty and at this point dumb. Let it go. We don’t care so we are moving it right along….

Joseline sends everybody to their rooms and says for them to stay there until she comes and gets them. Sapphire, Lucky and Big Lex are in a room discussing the events of the night. Joseline comes to tell Lucky she will have a meeting with her and Blue Face Barbie.

Lucky is icing her hand because apparently she hurt it while she was rearranging Blue Face Barbie’s face. Sapphire is pissed. Why did Blue Face come on the show if she couldn’t dance? Once again Sapphire we are all wondering the same thing!

Lexi Blow puts Barbie in the same boat as Bosstec who also didn’t dance because she was more worried about her hair. Lucky vows to fight for her spot. But Joseline warns her. If she doesn’t stop fist fighting she will have to send her home after all you know her motto, we can always get new girls. She is calling it a night but before she goes?

They all break out, on the count of three….one…two…three…

They all “walk it like a dog” in unison……

The next day Chanel Tso, Bosstec, Aqua, Mz Natural is discussing their sexuality in the theatre room. Chanel Tso saw one of Mz Naturals porn and is apparently impressed. They all wonder how she has such skills. She doesn’t have tonsils. She claims she is the throat god. Bosstec is filled in about the tremulous night before. Bosstec is complaining yet again about Big Lex pulling out her frontal.


They discuss who killed the challenge and they all agree Yummy P did the dam thing. We agree. Chanel Tso didn’t like her own performance. We agree about that too, lol. Aqua wasn’t impressed with Lucky. Is it hate? Mz Natural thinks everybody did well. They tell Bosstec about Blue Face fighting instead of dancing. Chanel Tso seems like she stopped drinking the kool-aid and is seeing right through Blue Face Barbie.

Bosstec sticks up for Blue Face by saying she soft hearted but Chanel basically sees Barbie is a talkative rooty poot. Mz Natural says basically if you not bout that life, sit yo ass down somewhere.

We agree, especially if you can’t fight your way out of a wet paper bag. Let me just say. I was raised in the hood; keep on thinking White girls can’t fight because baby, it don’t matter the color, yes, some White girls got those hands and will let those fists fly. Maybe Blue Face should strive to be a stripper, because for some reason, strippers know how to fight! She might learn some thangs…

Joseline sits down with Blue Face Barbie and she wonders why she should keep her around. Barbie says her body hurts as if she were hit by a car. No ma’am it wasn’t a car, it was a lady name Lucky who is not above dog walking yo wack ass. I can’t stand Blue Face Barbie.

Can you? Joseline warned you but you insisted on being beat senseless.

Joseline wants to know if Blue Face feels she was beat up. Blue Face seems to think Lucky only got the best of her the last fight but I disagree. She stayed moping the floor, couch and wall with your scantily clad body. Knock it off Barbie, we saw the beautiful bean footage. Don’t make them show it again to prove no point, let it go,

She claims that she doesn’t fight because her face is worth thousands of dollars.

Mmmmmm. If you say so…

Girl that is even more of a reason to protect it. How is it better to stand there and have your face socked? It makes absolutely no sense. Joseline is wondering why Blue Face would rather fight than be a part of the competition. She says She, Blue Face and Lucky used to hang out together, what’s the problem?

Big Lex and Sapphire are in a bedroom talking about the competition and the fight of the previous night. Sapphire can’t take much more of the foolery. Big Lex doesn’t see it for Blue Face or Bosstec. Sapphire says Big Lex is just misunderstood. Yeah, I’m starting to see that she does have a sweet side.

Does anyone else see it?

Joseline talks to Lucky in her room. Lucky assures her head is still in the game but she is unapologetic hence the shirt she is wearing that says “not sorry.” Lucky says she still got beef but is going to play it off in front of Joseline. Joseline advocates for Blue Face saying she had a hard life and grew up in a foster home. That is rough, but not a good enough excuse because Lucky also grew up in foster homes too. Try again Joseline but we see Ms. Hernandez’s heart.

Lucky says she will apologize…..

Lexi Blow and Yummy P are outside having drinks and chilling. The house is stressful for her and Yummy just wants to dance. They complement each other and flirt a little too. They say they both are over the drama….

We are too…..but we are still here for it, you think we aint! This show…..whew!

The Sit Down with Lucky Hustla, Blue Face Barbie and Joseline

Joseline says she is tired. She is doing all she can to put together a good show. She wants them to be the way they used to be but apparently there aint no going back to that place. An ass whooping tends to do that for some. If you beat me up, um I’m sorry, but no, I dont want to be your friend, lol.

So they have a conversation like women, and eventually they squash it, for now. Joseline hopes they will be good role models for the other girls and they all twerk in agreement. Yaaaay!

Chanel goes to her room and she sees Blue Face Barbie suitcases by the door all packed and ready to go. She goes and tells Bosstec. They are concerned because they thought the beef was squashed. What’s the issue?

Well we will have to tune in next week for episode 4 to see. This show is the bomb! See you soon!

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