Being A Mother vs. Being A Grandmother: When You Know Better You Do Better And The Purpose Of Grandmothers

This post is very personal because it comes from my experiencing motherhood as a teenager. As I move into my second stage in life, I ponder over the past and realized I made a bunch of mistakes. So journey me as I posit that Grandmother’s are important forces in the lives of the grandbabies and compare and contrast my motherhood vs. being a granny……

Always on edge vs. Patience and self control…

Most of my duration of motherhood, I went to school. There was a time when I worked two fulltime jobs and went to school fulltime. I was a basket case in the making. I was always irritable because I was exhausted. I even had the nerve to go to school conferences, and events. I was coo coo. My children didn’t get to have the best of me just crumbs and I already know they feel some type of way about it, yep, I know they do too.

When the opportunity presented itself I took it and now I am able to work at home. If a job is unbearable I quit, because I do not have to work if I don’t want  to. This gives me the time to spend quality time with my grandbabies. They get a smiling, loving granny while my kids were not so lucky.

Money but no time and time but no money vs. Financial responsibility

Sometimes because I had so many sources of income that I didn’t even have to spend a paycheck. I had money but no time to do much. Sometimes, albeit rare, I didn’t have sufficient income to do thing although I had plenty time.

Now, I understand money is freedom if you set yourself up right in life. It is important to have balance between time and money. Only wisdom showed me that. I took one of my grandsons to the trampoline spot and we had a ball. That time means so much to me. The next time, he recognized the place, and took off running to jump his little heart out.

You react horribly vs. You tolerate

I used to be super sensitive and in some ways I still am. I have noticed that over time I was quick to react on emotion mainly fear and anger. But,  now I have learned to be stoic. “It’s gone be what it’s gone be”, shout out to the late great DMX.. I can tolerate uncomfortable feelings now. Before I would without a pause, react. Being stoic has helped me get over some things in a rational way.

Doing harm vs. Righting The Harm

I owe my children both a apology and gratitude. I cause unnecessary harm to them and while it was unintentional I was still wrong. I did my best though, and my granbabies will benefit from the lessons life taught me. I know better than to cause harm. And now that I Know better, my grandbabies will the benefit.

The Purpose Of Grandmothers…

Grandmothers pass on good traits and try their best to be role models. Grandmother’s take up wherever the parents fall short. Grandmothers offer support, love and wisdom. Grandmothers bring peace to situations and advocate for the younger generations. Grand mothers keep the family functional with their maternal ways.

Do you agree?

But what do I know? I’m just a bootleg sociologist who nobody will listen to so I started a blog……….

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