Living In The Age Of Entitlement; Are Parent’s Turning The Kids Into Narcissists?

I recently came across a video that went viral. It was of a screaming child who had been screaming the whole flight and mind you it was an international flight that took hours. The kid screamed all the way from Germany to New Jersey. Yes. The child, according to the passengers, screamed for eight hours. Unacceptable.

The passengers said he also ran up and down isles, and climbed over people at will. The flight attendants were trying to get the Wifi to turn on and the plane hadn’t taken off yet. Could you imagine being on that flight? Forget extremists, these people were subjected to terrorism by a little dictator. The parent’s just sat there.

We have all been there. We are in the store watching a kid embarrass the hell out of their parent’s while they bend over backwards to appease a two year old. Well I shake my head and say but for the grace of God go I. There aint no way in hades I would let something I gave birth to and depends on me for their sustenance bully me. My mama didn’t raise no punk, lol.

Spare The Rod Spoil The Child

To spank or not to spank, that has always been a debate. But what always gets me is how people take this Bible verse, and thinks it is referring to corporal punishment. But it could also be interpreted another way. Maybe it means, if you don’t discipline your children they will turn out to be the bottom feeders of civilized society. Discipline doesn’t have to involve a spanking.

How many of us have watched our friends or family raise a entitled child. We shake our heads in disbelief. Oh yes. I feel like giving examples:

“ I’m hungry!”

Okay, that’s why Mommy stopped everything and fixed you dinner.

“ I don’t want this, I want McDonalds!”

Well Mommy has to do something real quick but as soon as Im done I will take you to McDonalds.

“I don’t want to wait. I want McDonald’s NOW!!!”

And the parent is then verbally harassed until they take the brat to McDonalds. Unacceptable. And I feel spoiled really is a form of abuse. You set the child up to have a bad life. No one in society will put up with their entitlement. They will be outcasts in a civilized environment. A parent that spoils their children in my opinion is unfit.

We Were Spanked And We Turned Out Okay

Speak for yourself. I can only think of two occasions where my mother spanked me for disobeying or being disrespectful to her. Only two, and spanking was an understatement. I got my behind tore up. This was my mother’s philosophy. She never understood why other mother’s spanked their child repeatedly for the same things over and over again. Her method was effective. She would make this spanking so severe the next time you even thought of doing the offending act, you are going to remember this “whoopin”.

As a child I feared the wrath of my mother. But eventually fear turned into respect. Why? She actually tried to parent me. Was she a good mother? No. There is no such thing. She was a flawed human being but what set her apart was she tried.

None of the foolishness these kids these days employ. There was no CPS. Had I threatened to call them she would of knocked me upside my head with the phone. As a child I just didn’t go there with her. If I did she reacted. And she took me places, spent time talking to me and bonding with me. When she disciplined me, deep down I knew it came from a place of love.

Get it? When you truly love your children you discipline them. Sometimes parents spank their kids out of frustration or a lack of how this parenting thing works. It makes their children even more rebellious because deep down they know that its coming from a place of annoyance. So no I don’t believe in spanking, and yes I believe in spanking.

I believe in doing whatever you have to do to make sure that when your child leaves your house they are ready to be good citizens. A part of parenting involves an effective strategy. Discipline occurs in a variety of ways that fit a variety of situations. It is up to the parent to use good judgment.

Some of us were spanked and we did not turn out okay. If you lived in a household where you were physically disciplined out of frustration it leaves a feeling of being unloved. That means not all of us turned out okay.

So what is the point, shame on you if you do not love your child enough to discipline them and shame on you if you do not try. And shame on you for setting your children up for failure. And to those of us still in the struggle, if you at least try I promise you it will end up okay!

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