Here’s A Different Perspective To Consider; Maybe Candace Owens Is Just Mad Because She Is Not Invited To The Cookout

After reading about Stacy Dash groveling and begging the Black Community for forgiveness, I recently came across yet another headline about Candace Owens and sighed with exhaustion. Sometimes you just wish certain people would let it go, especially the talks about politics, race, gender, this God forsaking Covid-19. You name it, I’m sick of it. And I am especially exhausted with people who claim to be conservatives. But Candace Owens fascinates me.

First of all, I respect the constitutional right to free speech. I just love to hear Candace go on, and on, and on, speaking a mile a minute rambling the same ole rhetoric. She speaks well, but doesn’t really talk about anything in a way that makes us feel she has gave her talking points any real thought. How many blondes with stylish bobs have said those same buzz words and triggering phrases Candace loves to blurt out as if any minute someone with the voice of reason might chime in and actually make sense?

But the fact that conservatives got a Black woman to repeat those phrases….priceless. So I get a good chuckle sometimes. I admire that she has so much passion in her well rehearsed comebacks and statements she claims are facts and throwing that race card just in case she is confronted for her outrageous rants.

She at times tries to speak for the Black community while being constantly at odds with their agenda. It’s as if Black people are chanting “Black lives matter, Black lives matter” and she is on the opposite side of the room all by her lonesome screaming, “No they don’t, no they don’t”. Not quite that dramatic, but she comes close to being that disrespectful. If the people that you claim to speak for are not on the same page as you that means you are an outlier.

Candace happens to make sense sometimes. She will start off making a great point only to have it go left. Why? Because, Candace sounds like every other woman who sits on a panel and defends the position of the ruling class and defends the interests of a few over the many. But guess what she gets to do? She gets to throw in our faces that she is a Black woman to enlighten us. As if none of us have figured out that it’s the same talking points we’ve heard time and time again. No earth shattering, ground breaking sociological theories that further the discussion on how we can work together on real issues.

No Candace dear. They hand you the same old weathered script but if you deviate in the least bit and try to use that petty and muddled brain to think abstractly…’s a train wreck.

Candace speaks very well. She is articulate. She enunciates. Oh yes. The rhetoric is wrapped up in a seemingly educated, eloquent woman. She has a platform but who is her fans? Are they little Black girls who hope someday to be the next Candace Owens? Hey, answer me this, do White little girls dream of working hard to be the next Candace Owens? Do any little girls or boys for that matter wish to grow up and be like Candace Owens? The people she serves are already old and set on a clear agenda and its not going to be reborn, it’s dying out.

She talks a lot but says very little I mean it is always a rant filled with lots of words coming at you very fast. It may over whelm some, but I just listen. She will try her best to argue a point and if it’s not information she can fastly blurt out, because she rehearses a lot, she can’t make a truly coherent thought on her own.

Hmmmmmm. So let me get this straight. Candace Owens is a champion of Black America? She is a free thinker. That is a matter of opinion, what do you think?

Candace Owens is a Black woman. That is a fact. But she is the type of Black woman who seems to be uncomfortable in her Blackness. She’s the Black woman on the outside of the community. Why else does she claim to speak for the very people who hold her in contempt? She doesn’t. Her loyalties lie with other interests outside of the Black community. She knows very well she is not invited to the cookout. But is welcomed with open arms in a social circle who smiles as she alienates the already disenfranchised and I have a theory why that is.

Because this country has always used skin color and physical features to treat Black citizens like the lowest of the totem pole. Dehumanizing people based on such random reasons have left America with a misconception that Black is a color of skin only. People with such a narrow view of ethnicity ignore that most Black people belong to a community.

For all the stories told about how much America “hates” Black people, America cannot get enough of Black culture. It’s the reason that the things that the Black community embraces set the trends because Black culture is admired in America and it is the Black community that pushes forward Black culture. When being Black is looked at in this context, then you begin to understand that Black is not only a color of skin but a way of existence in America.

So where does that leave the outliers? What happens to the Black people who are not well liked by the Black community? Well some find another community that will give them some sort of acceptance albeit not fully. I mean its rather understandable. The majority set the country up that way. So everyone checks a box based on some arbitrary basis such as the color of their skin and then that’s the line you go stand in. What group does Candace Owens belong to according to the societal standards that are deeply ingrained in the national fabric?

It’s like the Black community is waving their hands, “Candace dear, you are supposed to be over here with us!” And Candace is standing in line with White, old, racist, sneering men happily singing “ I’m fine over here, these are my people!”. I might not agree with Candace on a lot of things but I agree those are her people. Just because your skin is Black doesn’t mean you have to blindly follow the Black community or agree with their issues or fight their struggles.

I mean she fights to keep the status quo. She embraces the agenda to get a person that appears to belong to one group, to speak for that group but push forward the agenda of the ruling class. How many women does Fox News sit in front of a camera to bash women in politics? If you ignore the fact that its coming from a woman it seems like the things a misogynist would say, but open your eyes, and it’s a woman speaking.

So take away the fact that it’s a Black woman saying the things Candace says and focus on who her supporters are. How delighted they look to be able to sneer and nod when she calls murdered black girls, “knife wielding maniacs” or support police officers who despite being paid to protect citizens, kill them instead just because they are different from them. And when you object to the message, and question her authority to say the things she says on behalf of a community she doesn’t represent she is quick to scream” I’m Black!”.

How offensive for people not to get it. There are Black people who scream, “All Lives Matter” and that is their right. Black is just a color of skin to them and isn’t that what we really want in America? So I feel just because you are Black that doesn’t mean you identify with the Black people who make up the Black community which is a community with its own distinct identity. And some people with Black skin do not have that identity and guess what, they do not opt to disrespect the communities they do not belong to, but Candace has no problem doing so as her supporters sneer and nod in agreement, “Yes Candace, Derek Chauvin got a raw deal” they croon.

Yes Candace, you are Black. But you know good and dog gone well you are not invited to the cookout. And if you should so happen to show up with your bland, tasteless, nasty potato salad, nobody is going to eat it. It will be passed up for the ones with flavor.


Ain’t nobody picking you for a spades partner, playing dominoes with you or letting you pick the next song. Nobody was raised to be rude so everybody will hit you with a dry, “Hey Candace” or a general “ Hi” but it will be just because you are in the room. You don’t get the jokes, know the songs or how to do the dance the grandbabies are doing.

Girl. Stop playing.

The Black community doesn’t like you and you don’t like them. Why? Your mouth. Rather than just quietly disagree for the sake of allowing a community that is under attack get a little positive attention for all the hate they receive, you open your recklessly foolish lips to be disrespectful. We scoot away like you got the cooties when you sit next to us. Why? Because you will say something like some of my best friends are Black and wonder why everybody is getting up from the table. So that’s why you are not invited. You weren’t raised right and you are so disrespectful. None of us would of been allowed to play with you as children. You have no manners. Didnt anybody ever tell you, just because you have free speech you shouldn’t take for granted you will be accountable for the words you speak just ask Stacey Dash. Of course you will never end up like her, huh, Candace?

So since people can just decide to be spokespersons for whole communities, dare I interject with some thoughtful commentary that Ms. Owens will most definitely understand?

And don’t worry Candace, dear no need to worry. When I wrote “thoughtful commentary”, what I really meant was instruction. No it is more like a command. All you have to do is read it and follow it, much like the talking points that tell you to spout rhetoric that works against your best interests and the community you claim to be from. And I kept it short and simple so you don’t even have to bother and think up a response that isn’t part of that good ole boy agenda you cling to.

In the Black Community when an older woman sees a younger woman is failing to grasp a concept to the point that it brings them distress, they offer helpful advice. So let me channel my inner Maya Angelou, who while she had a glorious way with words as evident by her thoughtful writings, she often kept her advice short, sweet, and simple according to people who she graced with life changing advice (clearing my throat):

Candace, dear, the next time you get the urge to speak on any matter that affects a community who you do not belong to nor respect, remember this command and obey it expeditiously…..


But what do I know? I’m just a bootleg sociologist who nobody will listen to so I started a blog………

What are your thoughts?

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