The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 13 Is Boring! Here are 4 Things Bravo Could Do to Spice Things Up!

The ratings for “The Real Housewives Of Atlanta” have dropped significantly from the past seasons. There are some that will say that it is because of NeNe Leakes leaving the popular show and that may be true. But I would also say one of the reasons the ratings are going down is because the show was at first, edgy, vibrant, shocking and entertaining it is now predictable, comfortable and yes at time, boring. I hate to be brutal because RHOA was once my favorite reality show, because they got so many things right. But it is one of those shows we love so much we all want to see it either continue to be great, or just be cancelled rather than see it die a slow painful TV death.

So here are 4 things I believe Bravo Network could do to spice things up, besides getting rid of LaToya Ali, so let’s get started…..

Give Kenya Moore Her Own Spin- Off

I think it would be a good move to give Kenya Moore her own spin- off from “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”. Kenya Moore has a large enough fan base to carry her own show. Let’s face it, she may have her haters but Kenya for whatever reason is a big focus on the show and it is exhausting for those of us who would like the focus to be on others more.

We can appreciate her letting us in to her most private moments but it took over a lot of the episodes over the past years. We didn’t get to see her date, get married or go through her pregnancy which was happy moments for her. From the time we finally get a glimpse into her marriage it’s already having problems. It would be nice to see her happy. With her own show we could see her dating, being with friends and family and running her hair care business.

Here’s the thing, Kenya needs a fresh storyline. We get it. Her personal life is a mess and we should be happy to see the train wreck up close and personal but we are sick of seeing Kenya crying and dabbing her eyes with tissue.

Kenya can be fun and lively but we have forgotten what gave her the fans she has today. She didn’t get the fans by being a damsel in distress. She used to be funny, shady and vulnerable. Now she is rude, mean and overly sensitive and it is tiresome and we suspect it is because of her life off camera. If Bravo does not want to give her a spin- off show I say they should make Kenya a “friend of the show”. It will give her the opportunity to work on her personal life outside of the public eye.

Switch Cynthia Bailey-Hill To The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Now That Cynthia has married Mike Hill and will be going between Atlanta and Los Angeles, it might be a good idea to add her to the cast of The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills. But we love Cynthia so it would be a great move for Bravo to keep her as a “friend of the show”. We could see her at the events and she could go on the cast trips. The move would also shake up the cast of Beverly Hills and I suspect it would give them “new blood” and a jump in the ratings.

Her “new marriage” storyline while redundant on the Atlanta franchise would be fresh and new to the Beverly Hill storyline. Cynthia is fabulous, stylish and classy so she would fit in as well. We would get to see her stand out with her own life rather than being the side line to someone else’s story. For years her friendships and relationships overshadowed the spotlight being on her businesses as much. She is actually a mogul that runs a few companies bearing her name and it would be great to have her business life highlighted more.

Give Kandi Burruss Her Own Spin-Off

Kandi Burruss has outgrown the show. She definitely used this reality show as a way to get her businesses endeavors off the ground and she hit it out the park. She has a happy marriage and is by all accounts a great mom. She also happens to have a family that would be wonderful additions to a show featuring Kandi. It would give her a chance to spend more time with her family while we watch her be the mogul she is. We would get to see Mama Joyce and her aunts. They are all a wonderful cast of characters. Wouldn’t it be nice to see the “old lady gang” interact with each other?

As in the case with Kenya, if Bravo does not want to give Kandi her own show, then she should become a “friend of the show”. We all still want to be able to see Kandi and her chill personality we all live for. But she is being put in the background because she is the least problematic of the bunch and that makes her a little less interesting than she was in seasons past. We want to see her happy life highlighted outside of other people’s drama.

Keep Porsha Williams, But Give Her A Supportive “Crew”

Porsha Williams originally came onto the show with a more reserved lifestyle and she seemed fairly unhappy in her marriage, despite being an actual housewife. After her divorce we have seen her fun side come out as she has had boyfriends, dates, a baby, switched careers and more. Porsha Williams has a bubbly personality so while she may no longer be married; her life is still interesting enough to give an interesting storyline.

Porsha should keep her peach but be given some cast mates that will highlight her fun personality. Her sister Lauren Williams could be added to the cast to give her a little added support as she navigates through her love life woes. We wouldn’t mind seeing, Ms. Diane Williams, her mom, more. Bravo could also upgrade Shamea Morton from “friend of the show” to being a peach holder. When she and Porsha are together they seem to have a lot of fun together and they would be able to work out any tension they may have together on camera.

So what do you think about my suggestions to shake things up?

What are your thoughts?

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