When The Narcissist Hoovers His Victim Back, Otherwise Known As Derrick “Jaxn” Jackson and Da’Naia Jackson

Recently, popular YouTuber, Derrick Jaxn, whose real last name is Jackson, was exposed by another popular YouTuber, Tasha K. for cheating on his wife, Da’Naia and this comes as a surprise to his mainly female following who hold him up as an example as a “good” man. But for years other YouTuber’s have been calling Derrick out and those voices of dissent have mainly been coming from men. For years Derrick has been coming down hard on men and telling them that they needed to do better and be better in their relationships, but in his life he was doing the very things he chastised other men for.

The reason he was able to speak so insightfully about cheating and men that are broken is because he was speaking from experience.  He called to task people like Pastor John Gray, who also was caught up in a few cheating scandals but all the while he was doing the same thing. His justification was that he felt that John Gray was trying to glorify cheating on his wife. He totally ignores that he had no justification to condemn John Gray or anyone else for that matter, especially for cheating.

He should have just minded his own business because now the scrutiny is on him and he has also been exposed for being a hypocrite. Derrick was supposedly exposed by Tasha K because he made a video calling her a “narcissist”. This was her motivation for exposing him who she considers to be the real narcissist. Would you agree? Is Derrick Jackson an exposed covert narcissist?

He and his seemingly devoted wife went on social media to give their side of the story and address the public reaction to the scandalous affairs that Derrick has now admitted to, I included the link in the reference section of this post and I sincerely believe it is worth checking out. The body language in the video is very telling so is some of the things they say.

The Jackson’s say they separated because of Derrick’s infidelity. The reason they both say they are able to remain together is through the grace of God. They believe without their faith in God they would not have remained married. Da’Naia says she has seen major changes in Derrick’s behavior as well as he seems to have a stronger hold on his faith. One of the changes is he has cut off relationships the females that he has had sex with in his past. And, he allows her access to his life in ways he did not before.

It seems to me that if a man is ready to be in a committed marriage he would have already made his life completely available to his wife. You shouldn’t marry someone and then get caught cheating, then decide in order to build trust to do something you should have been doing all along. Why would Da’Naia put up with this behavior?

Well according to her she didn’t and at some point they separated and she filed for divorce. Over the years, before even marrying, he has been unfaithful. Makes me wonder why Da’Naia would marry him. I mean you go through years of him cheating on you as a boyfriend only to have him cheat on you when you get married. Stevie Wonder could see that one coming, but love is blind, I get it.

Derrick brought up the fact that he is not a bad person and although he cheated he did not abuse his wife meaning he has never hit her or cursed her out. I think he needs to watch the video and really hear his wife when she speaks about being broken by him. It makes me wonder why he cannot realize that emotional abuse is devastating to the people who experience it especially when then those people hurting you also claim to love you.

I know I was not asked, but yes I am of the opinion that Derrick Jackson is a narcissist. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and his abuse is covert. He was doing all his dirt while out in the public eye and he was so good at hiding his dirt, many did not want to believe he was a filthy liar. But he is a liar and a cheater who emotionally abused a woman for years. And then he “hoovered” her and “gas lighted” her into coming back to the relationship by using her faith in God to do it. But that is just my opinion of course.

It was the knitted cap that looked like a bonnet for me.

Da’Naia looked defeated. Anyone who criticized her looks has no idea how it feels to be repeatedly violated and to have your self esteem trampled on. She is obviously a beautiful woman. Various social media outlets have released pictures of her and she is gorgeous whenever she takes care with her appearance. We all just throw something on to run errands, or chill in the house. But the fact that she didn’t “put her shine on” before she came on camera spoke volumes to how much time and energy she has for herself, because ain’t no way in Hades would a woman who knew she was addressing her husband’s infidelity would come on camera without showing effort in her appearance. I mean it is obvious that Derrick takes a lot of care when it comes to his appearance, but is with a woman who dulls her shine. How can you shine bright when your heart is broken?

It was the micro- expressions for me.

Was it just me? Several times it seems like Derrick Jackson wanted to produce a narcissistic smirk. I mean he for the most part kept a sincere appearance of contriteness, but watch closely. When his wife speaks there are times he makes quick expressions of glee as if he has “put one over on her”. While he speaks, and holds her hand for dear life, she looks sad and uncomfortable. He has to correct her when she low key at some point says some of her behaviors were wrong in her response to his cheating. Where is the anger? Not the type that makes you set his car on fire, but the kind of anger that has you waiting outside for the courthouse to open so you can file paperwork to get as far away from your narcissistic abuser as you possibly can. Now that’s the appropriate way to show a narcissist you will not put up with cheating. You leave. Something tells me that Da’Naia is emotionally checked out in this marriage. This can occur after repeated trauma, and being cheated on and in my opinion this is traumatic.

And to have to keep up the facade of being with a “good” and faithful man has to be draining. Derrick is now selling a book based on them repairing their marriage. Sigh. I would rather pay for a video where Da’Naia takes the book he has written and knocks him upside the head with it. I’m just kidding, I do not approve of violence even though some people act like they need the stupid beat out of them. I would advise her to stop holding his hand and divorce him and find her a truely “good” man. Derrick is for the streets, so let them have him.

What are your thoughts? 

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