Rapper, Quando Rondo Denies He Reached Out To Activist, Big U For Protection. Could It Just Be A Misunderstanding?

So recently community activist, Big U, went onto “The Breakfast Club” morning show and Charlemagne the god, asked him a question and his answer has the internet ablaze and has rapper, Quando Rondo responding on social media. Charlemagne asked if any rappers reached out to him to which Big U said that Quando Rondo did. The implication or conversation could lead most to believe it was for protection. But, protection from what, what would Quando Rondo be calling an ex gang member to protect him from?

Last year King Von was tragically shot dead by an associate of Quando Rondo. Every since then Quando has not been able to perform at clubs or navigate through different venues due to the threat of retaliation from people wishing to avenge the killing of King Von. But why call Big U?

It is no secret that in some cities the streets are ran by street dudes. Big U is a street dude that has a lot of street credibility on the mean streets of L.A. despite him no longer actively “gang banging”. His name has a lot of pull with some street dudes that may be looking to harm Quando Rondo. Some people may think to call Big U if they needed to perform shows in L.A. and didn’t want any problems from the streets. He would be the type of guy you might seek out for protection in the form of association not necessarily Big U putting in work or protecting by means of violence.

But Quando Rondo says he did not call for protection he was just calling to reach out and see what he could do to help Big U with the work he does giving back to the communities and helping the youth. I may be the only one, but I believe Quando. After the backlash and some may say black ball, Quando is looking to improve his reputation. The reputation he has now is bad for business, I mean the man can’t even book shows due to all the beef he is in. So it is plausible that he did reach out hoping to get some good karma to come his way.

Big U has come out and said that he never spoke to Quando about protection and that he was only told that Quando had reached out to him. So it was a misunderstanding that the media ran with. And it is unfortunate that people want to see people beef over absolutely nothing. Big U seems to respect the young dude who in turn seems to respect him as well. It makes no sense to let a misunderstanding go any further.

 I hope these two could get together and think of a way that they can help the community together seeing how many people look up to both of them. Big U does a lot of good and would be a great mentor for Quando. I hope that Quando can continue his rap career and no harm comes to this young guy. We have seen too many rappers die over beef. The killings and destruction of Black men needs to stop.

R.I.P. King Von

What are your thoughts? 

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