Will You Be Watching, “Baddies ATL” On The Zeus Network?

It’s been a few years since The Bad Girls Club has gone off air and for those of us that are fans we have been missing that sinful addiction. Have you been missing BGC? Well the Zeus Network has come with a show that is featuring some of the Bad Girls called, “Baddies ATL”. The show is not exactly a reboot of the old show but a totally new show based out of Atlanta, Georgia as far as I can tell from the title.

If you have been struggling to find shows to watch during this horrendous pandemic that has kept millions social distancing indoors, then you should have been watching Zeus Network which has several good shows that will entertain most. Well it will entertain most that like reality shows that is! They had some of the Bad Girls sit and have a conversation and I wrote a post about that debacle. So I hope this new show will be more productive and actually have a story line. Because when the Bad Girls went on the Zeus Network to have a conversation, it went all types of wrong and I hope the show will hold mt interest.  So what is the show about? 

There are nine women who will be on the show so wait no further here is the trailer for the show which was found on YouTube:

(1950) Baddies ATL | Teaser Trailer | Zeus – YouTube

That doesn’t give us much information about the show or the women who will be on the show but you guys are lucky, we happen to know a little about them, don’t we?

Mehgan James

Mehgan appeared on season 9 of, “The Bad Girls Club” and “Bad Girls All Star Battle” season 1 and 2. Mehgan also was on “Basketball L A” season 4 if anyone would like to catch it on VH1. She is an actress from Houston, Texas and has done some work on Television and has remained relevant on social media. She is recognizable to many and has kept herself that way for over a decade so far. No one can forget her epic fights on her season of BGC. She was and still is one of my favorites and she is an Aquarius, like me.

Christina Salgado

Christina also appeared on season 9 of, “The Bad Girls Club”, and the conversation show that was on the Zeus Network, but she not have much to say when the conversation was had. I hope she contributes more to this current show because she was known as “the sultry spitfire” on her season of BGC. She seems to be chill now so I wonder, will she be more of a peacemaker between Natalie Nunn and the other cast members? That seemed to be her role at the conversation but I hope she will showcase more of her personality which was what made us originally like her.

Sarah Oliver

Sarah is also reappearing on Zeus Network after previously being one of the women who sat down with Natalie for that screaming match they disguised as a conversation. She is also a popular YouTube vlogger as well so be sure to follow her. Sarah was on season 11 and season 13 of Bad Girls Club but seems to be less into fighting now. Let’s see how she portrays herself on this new show. I don’t mind growth but she seems to be a bit emotional these last television appearances I saw her in.  

Janelle Shanks

Janelle was also on season 11 of “The Bad Girls Club” and was hilarious in between the fights and being bullied. She was comedy relief for one of the worst seasons for bullying in the series and probably throughout the history of reality shows. She was jumped a few times for no good reason, trust me it was bad. Through it all she managed to show her personality which I gather made them ask her to appear on this new show. I hope she remains funny and likeable.

Seven Craft

Seven was on the season seventeen which happened to be the last season of “The Bad Girls Club”. She definitely was interesting being that she was a pretty girl who was proficient with a “long board” and her hands. Glad to see her because I did wonder what happened to her over the years and heard she is a mother now. She still looks incredibly beautiful in the trailer for the show. She was always a surprise because who would of thought someone so beautiful and chill could thump with the best of them.

Judi Jackson

Judi is just as much a iconic alumni of BGC as Natalie Nunn or Tanisha Thomas despite coming much later. She appeared on season 7 of “The Bad Girls Club” and later on season 13 with Nunn. She is a fan favorite and is known for her wild antics, crying hysterically and being as crazy as possible. I think the reasons fans love her so much is because she manages to remain likeable and vulnerable despite being a hot mess. Judy is no pushover despite being one of the nicest of the Bad Girls. In the past she has had some issues with alcohol but I hope she has moved passed those issues and will let us into her personal life more or maybe show her professional side. We all love us some Judi.

Sidney Starr

The only cast member who is not someone we saw on the Oxygen Network show “The Bad Girls Club” is transgendered rapper and reality show star, Sydney Starr. I last remember seeing Sydney on season nine of “Love And Hip Hop New York”. I wonder if she is going to focus more on her career as her storyline. That would be interesting. She has a very outgoing personality but seems like she will cry at the drop of the hat. So I can expect she will be the sensitive but festive one of the bunch. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of her life and the strides she is making with her career.

Tanisha Thomas

The most accomplished of the Bad Girls appearing on this new television show would be Ms. Thomas who has a lengthy career outside of BGC. I suppose her storyline will be some sort of beef with Natalie Nunn despite being seen together on IG Live, looking chummy. These two have been friends off and on over the years with Tanisha being the earliest cast member to appear on the “Bad Girls Club” on season two and is a fan favorite of many. I for one do not want to see a season of her and Natalie fighting, verbally or otherwise. She has lost a lot of weight over the years and looks fabulous. Maybe she will tell the fans about her journey as she can most definitely inspire many with her success with keeping the weight off.

Natalie Nunn

Natalie is the most well know of the “Bad Girls” with her appearing on the original show fourth season. Her catchphrase is, “I run L.A.” and always seems to be the one that most of the women have a problem with. I already know she will be the one that many will come for and I just rather not see her going to blows. She has a tendency to get into a lot of verbal altercations but I have seen moments over the years where she has shown her gentler side. It would be nice to see that side of her more now that she is a mother and wife.

The Zeus Network has not released a date that Baddies ATL will appear but I will keep you updated. Will you be watching?

What are your thoughts? 

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