Being Black Abroad, Here Are 8 Things I Wish the World Knew About Black Americans

I have been watching a channel on YouTube that talks about the experience of Black people living abroad in places like Japan, because I wanted to start traveling when this God forsaking pandemic is over. It’s so exciting to see so many Black Americans are choosing to live in places in Japan. But there are some things that universally keep being brought up and I decided to write a post about it. Here are my explanations to some of the issues Black Americans seem to have when traveling abroad or to places…… 

They are individuals….

No two people are the same so it makes no sense to lump Blacks all together as if they are all the same. Yes being Black makes them all share the same experiences as a collective such as racism, but they are individuals. Its ignorant to assume that all Blacks act or think the same. That is how Blacks are treated in America. They do not need to go abroad and face the same prejudices.

They do not all play sports, rap, sing or dance…

Another universal is the assumption that all Black people play sports or entertain others. It’s offensive to ask if we can rap. It is outrageous that you demand for a Black person to dance for you. Trust me it is plenty of women who can’t “ twerk” or carry a tune. And just because a Black man is over six foot tall. So for you to ask a Black man if he plays basketball is offensive. We get it. That is all you are exposed to so you just assume that Black people are lawyers, doctors, and other professions.

They are mistreated in their own country

Black Americans are treated poorly in America and because of this some move away to escape the persecutions they face in the United States only to be bombarded with stereotypes when living elsewhere. Educate yourselves before you clash with other cultures or chose not to engage.

They recognize they are guests

Because of racism Black Americans have learned the rules that apply to them in America do not apply to White Americans. It is for this reason when abroad Black people follow the rules. We also know that whatever we do will reflect positively or negatively on the whole bunch. So, they act accordingly and if by chance they break a social norm it is because cultural differences and not because Blacks are disrespectful.

They are not Animals in a zoo

Please stop touching Black Americans. Please stop staring, in America it is considered aggressive. You may run into people who laugh, brush it off and move on. But you may get a stronger reaction as well. How would you feel if you were violated in these ways? Regardless of how you feel, just don’t do it. It’s ignorant and predatory in nature. If you get your hand slapped or going up to a Black woman and fondle her breast? Oh well. If you are asked by a Black man to stop staring, please oblige.

They are educated

The fact that so many Black Americans are achievers is often lost when abroad. Blacks are educated and many that move to places like Japan have degrees and skills. Don’t assume they don’t speak the language, read the language or understand the language. Many Blacks have college degrees and job experiences.  And that means we don’t are not all aggressive because they know how to approach things differently.

They are hard working

Because of the legacy of slavery, Black Americans have to work harder so it is almost effortless for them to work hard. But they also expect not to work so hard when working abroad. Don’t assume they want a vacation because they are lazy but it could be because of stress.

They are not African Americans they are Black

Blacks from Africa have a different perspective that Black Americans. Yes they share the same phenotype but not the trauma of American slavery. Even now Black Americans are heavily oppressed and many Africans cannot relate. Just food for thought.

But what do I know? I’m just a bootleg sociologist who nobody will listen to so I started a blog……….

Can you think of anything to add to this post?

What are your thoughts? 

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(1938) The Black Experience Japan – YouTube

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