Does Tekashi 6ix 9ine Have A Death Wish? He Just Refuses To Stop Pushing The Issue….

Tekashi 69 recently went on IG live and dissed King Von saying that he is resting in “piss”. Whoa, but are you surprised? He has repeatedly disrespected other deceased rappers like Nipsey Hussle without a care in the world for the repercussions. The IG live was filled with him being disrespectful to King Von and then Lil Reese. And then 600 Breezy joins his live and the thing that stands out in my mind is him repeatedly telling Tekashi, “You gone die”.  It doesn’t take a physic to see that these games he plays are too disrespectful for karma not to come calling eventually.

Remember what happened to O.J. Simpson when he continued to live like he was invincible? What about R. Kelly? Remember him traveling around free as a bird, but not somewhere out of the public eye? Oh and remember Treyway was supposedly the new Death Row Records? Well what happened to Suge Knight when he just refused to leave the streets behind? There is a long history of people who should of just laid low but don’t, so they live to see what happens when karma comes calling. And she does come calling eventually because the things you put out into the universe will come back to you, it’s a universal law.   

With all of the drama and legal issues that Tekashi 69 has dealt with you would think he would have learned his lesson, but no he is out here with the shenanigans and it makes you wonder if he has just given up on being taken serious in the rap game and is satisfied being an annoying troll.

He has taken to jumping out on rappers like Meek Mill, and what was the point? He is bouncing around surrounded by security, why bother? So now he claims he is a bully? He has even made a video saying he will stop bullying rappers when they stop speaking his name. Well what is all the hoop da la for then if it’s not for people to say your name? You make no sense.

We get it 69. You have replaced the Bloods with security. So you hide behind them and taunt and troll. But just a little self respect would have had you putting all that energy into having an actual rap career. No radios will play your music and all the accolades will never be afforded to you, not only because your music is trash, but because the person you are is TRASH.

His baby’s mother Sara Molina says she’s scared for her safety and the safety of her daughter with 69. I feel sorry for her. They can’t get to him but they surely could get to them and he could care less. He doesn’t have them surrounded by security because according to her he doesn’t care about or support their daughter. Not surprising.

Tekashi, it will not be the rappers that will do something. Most of them aren’t that street dude that will put in that work. You should be worrying about the dudes that are really street. The ones who have absolutely nothing to lose and killing you will get them the clout that you crave and then some. So do you think he has given up on being a real artist and wants to die?

Well it seems that way. He lives his life as an outsider because nobody wants to be associated with him. I mean Nicki Minaj used to be down with him and you see what that did for her career, but she is Nicki so she will be alright. Her place in rap is solidified. Shout out to Nicki though because she proved herself to be loyal to a guy who is loyal to no one, not even himself. And how he treated her shows everybody that he is garbage, and his music has gone downhill anyway. If it wasn’t for the suburban kiddos he wouldn’t get the millions of YouTube streams but no offense to suburbia for elevating him to his rightful status. Dude is whole clown, circus, and trapeze act all rolled up into a colorful hairdo.

Anytime he is spotted in the streets it’s a spectacle. He is literally surrounded by security because people heckle him and run up to him screaming insults. He wouldn’t dare be caught without them either. What kind of life does he have when his circle is full of people who he has to pay to be around him? He does give others clout but when his star power is completely gone will they stick around?

All the beefing with people just makes him look bitter. The industry, the streets, the culture, all disrespect him because he doesn’t have enough respect for Hip-Hop to be a part of it. He will always be looked at as a joke that went too far. His fans are little kids because anybody with some sense has seen him for what he is, a corny joke. But now the joke has stopped being funny. It’s sad, pathetic and annoying to have him running around with security still wanting to act gangsta. Bruh, you wear lace front wigs. How gangsta is that?

Tekashi will be yet another cautionary tale. While he is watching out for the streets to get him, he forgets that all of this security being involved in his shenanigans poses a bigger threat. Do you remember when a guy jumped out of his vehicle and kept taunting Tekashi saying, “fight me, fight me?” Well security snatched his phone and its those types of incidents that will also get him caught up.

I used to feel bad at times for 69, real talk. I kind of bought into the narrative that he was the victim of extortion and bad friends. But overtime I began to see him for what he is, TRASH. He is nobody’s friend. He the type that would sell his own mother for attention and his thirst has him accepting looking like a fool as long as we look. And we look the same way we look at a car crash as we drive by and are glad we are not the ones on the stretcher.

We have seen what happens to people who keep expecting to get away with the same things time and time again. Here you are expecting one result and life puts a spin on things. You never know how karma will catch up to Tekashi. But however karma comes none of us will be surprised because he is the living definition of a person who is “stoopid”. So up the trolling and bullying because yes people are watching, but not for the reasons you think. We want to see karma do her thing, but not because of anyone wishing bad on you, but because you are wishing that bad things come your way and we are intrigued that you don’t know how this will end. We have seen it before. Keep playing stupid games 69, we know your prize is coming. Whew!

Rest in Peace King Von and Nipsey Hussle….

What are your thoughts? 

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