The Drama That’s Happened Since Nicole Young Filed For Divorce From Dr. Dre

Wow, it’s getting ugly according to TMZ, between Dr. Dre and his wife of twenty four years, Nicole Young. We understand Mrs. Young’s desire to get approximately two million dollars a month in temporary support from the legendary producer. But there has been some developments in this ongoing saga that leads me to believe the gloves are off in this divorce, and what started off as a sad dissolution to a long term seemingly happy marriage is turning into war as more information is being released about Young vs. Young. The divorce between Dr. Dre and Nicole Young is anything but amicable and is now become downright hostile.

There Are Reports That She Is Preventing Him from Retrieving His Items

The two are separated with Andre Young, also known as Dr. Dre is in Brentwood and Nicole Young is in Malibu. Dr. Dre alleges she has been able to freely retrieve her items but he has been blocked from retrieving his personal items like a motorcycle and registered handgun. If this is true, then the divorce is in fact getting petty.

Dre says he has been maintaining the monthly upkeep of the Malibu residence that Mrs. Young is living in. I wonder if that is enough, because Nicole alleges he blocked her from using a credit card, is hinging assets, dodging financial depositions and basically preventing her from having access to the fortune that has been amassed while they have been married in the community property state of California.

Now there have been reports that allegedly, Nicole has cleaned out an account containing about $350,000 dollars and Dre’s team is calling it embezzlement. Supposedly she had no right to the money in an account she cleaned out. Seems like a lot of money but I suspect if he is keeping her from the money as she alleges, she could always say she needed the money to pay for her expenses. Yes that’s a lot of money but this is a billion dollar celebrity divorce.

I recently came across an online post that claimed that the estranged wife of the legendary music producer, Dr. Dre, named Nicole Young was requesting two million dollars a month in spousal support. The comments under the post were interesting to say the least. Dr. Dre whose government name is Andre Young is reportedly worth over 800 million dollars and at one point was reported to be a billionaire. I’m confused to why if you are married to a man for over two decades, have two children with him, and reside with him in a home… are not entitled to the money if you should happen to divorce him.

So that leads me to ask the question, is it unreasonable for Nicole Young to request that Dr. Dre pay her two million dollars a month in spousal support?

Well let’s examine why she may be entitled to two million a month. Mrs. Young has been married to her husband for twenty four years. That is a long time to be married to someone. When she first began a relationship with Dr. Dre he was nowhere near as wealthy as he is now.

So over time he accumulated his millions he has today, including the profits that made him the bulk of his wealth, which is his deal where he sold his headphones, “Beats by Dre” to Apple. It’s outrageous that people are of the opinion she does not deserve half of the income that by the way, was accumulated during the course of the marriage.

The Breakdown of her Support Claims

Nicole Young is a woman who is accustomed to a certain lifestyle. As a woman who is divorcing in the state of California, the law will dictate that she continue to be supported in a manner that reflects her lifestyle while she was actively married to Dr. Dre.  According to reports, Mrs. Young was spending and a half million dollars a month when she was residing with Dr. Dre so her request for two million is a drastic reduction in the amount of support she is used to.

But who are we to judge? Most of us will never see no parts of a million dollars in our entire lifetimes let alone have it deposited into our bank accounts on a monthly basis. But Nicole Young is married to a man a few million away from being a billion so we can expect that she had a lifestyle that provided her with a comfortable living for a considerable amount of time. To me it is not unreasonable to expect to continue to live as well as you have been living.


$ 900,000 (entertainment)

$ 135,000 (new clothes)

$ 10,000 (housekeeping and laundry services)

$ 60,000 (tuition and living expenses)

$ 125,000 (charitable donations)

$ 100,000 (mortgage)

$ 20,000 (phone, cell phone, email)

That’s quite a monthly budget. But if you have already been living this way to me it is not unreasonable to expect to continue to live this way. Some of these expenses are ridiculous to a person like me who has a problem with paying an expensive cell phone bill; I just wonder what must be going on that your phone bill is twenty thousand dollars?

I’m also a bit disappointed that someone would spend almost a million dollars a month on their entertainment but only give a small portion of that amount to charity. But this is not included in the post solely for me to be judgmental, but more of to highlight how differently the privilege think than us average folks. I cannot even imagine how to spend a million a month on entertainment, but could certainly see how that money could help so many charities in the United States, but let’s move on….

They Both Are Consenting Adults

I think the main problem people have is that they do not feel that Nicole Young is entitled to a large portion of the marital wealth. Some may even feel that she is a gold digger.

I would like to make the point that at the time the couple married they both understood that this would be a high profile marriage that would be taking place in the community property state of California. Nicole had been married before to a professional athlete and she was also a lawyer by profession herself.

But Dr. Dre is a man who has the means to protect his assets and the wealth he feels only he is entitled to. In fact, Dr. Dre has alleged there is a prenuptial agreement in place. Ms. Young alleges that even though there is such an agreement, he supposedly tore it up two years into the marriage……

I think that this is the main part of the story that needs to be cleared up. Is there a prenuptial agreement in place? Does it clearly state what Nicole Young is entitled to in the event she and Dr. Dre were to divorce?

Because how dare you reside in a community property state and then not want to abide by the law when it comes to divorcing in that state?

Nicole Young was married to Dr. Dre for a long time. So to sum up my position, I do not think it is unreasonable for Nicole Young to ask for that amount, but I somewhat feel it is a ridiculous amount. But an amount Dr. Dre made her accustomed to. Why stop what you have been doing all along?

The Game Changer Is a Valid Prenuptial Agreement

Normally I would tell Dre to suck it up and realize he resides in a 50/50 state, but it has been reported there is a prenup that Mrs. Young claims Mr. Young tore up. I’m wondering if that makes a difference. Just because an agreement is torn isn’t it still valid? It would seem to me that he would give her some paperwork that showed that the agreement was now invalid, not just torn into pieces. Mrs. Young is a lawyer; I would assume she would realize that. So what’s the deal on the prenup? Is it valid or not? A prenuptial agreement is the game changer.

One thing that Nicole alleges about the prenup that she admits is in existence is that she signed the agreement under duress. If a prenuptial agreement is signed under duress, or someone is forced in any way to sign it, it becomes invalid. Mrs. Young who never hinted in twenty four years that Mr. Young laid a hand on her is now bringing up his past history with violence and I’m wondering if she is now going to share some issues she may have dealt with in her marriage. Yeah, it’s about to go there and I was hoping it wouldn’t  because it was one of those long marriages that really did appear to be happy. But nothing is at all as it appeared and I was hoping it wouldn’t because it was one of those long marriages that really did appear to be happy. But nothing is at all as it appeared.

One way Mrs. Young will possibly get the upper hand is by getting Mr. Young to appear for a financial deposition. It seems as she wants him to sit for hours being deposed concerning his finances and some legal experts are suggesting this may be a way of getting him to agree to give her the financial compensation she is asking the court for, meaning that Mr. Young will not want to risk unfavorable things coming out to the public about his character and possible misbehaviors he perpetrated while being married for over two decades.

It seems like Dr. Dre is prepared for a long war with his soon to be ex wife. Whew! Makes you wonder if it is just cheaper to keep her huh?

It Is Now Being Reported That Allegedly Dr. Dre Was Poisoned….Say What!

We really need to pray for famed West Coast producer, Dr. Dre. If what is being reported is true, somebody is trying to intention trying to harm him. A few days ago it was reported the billionaire had a brain aneurysm but luckily he was recovering and by all accounts was okay.

Dr. Dre is a healthy man who works out regularly. Most believed that the stress from the divorce he is going through with his long time wife, Nicole Young was to blame. Makes sense because divorces are stressful. And this one takes the cake, as it is being reported that these two are at war over his billion dollar fortune.

But hold up, wait one minute….

Because the cause of the aneurysm was in question, you already know the hospital ran a battery of tests and what was supposedly found in his system?

Anti-coagulants that are found in rat poison, and supposedly  just smelling it can cause a BRAIN ANEURYSM.

Ut oh. That’s not good. His friends and family suspect foul play. What do you think?

Moniece Slaughter Claims Dr. Dre Threatened Her for Revealing He is In a Relationship with Apryl Jones

With all the drama Dr. Dre has been through we would think he would be keeping a low profile, but nope, TMZ recently caught him out with Apryl Jones having dinner. Well so much for being discreet. Immediately the Internet was set ablaze with speculations that they are together. But what if they were just out to an innocent little dinner among friends? Well Moniece spilled all the beans.

In an interview Moniece revealed that Dre and Apryl have been together for awhile. But wait, Dr. Dre is a married man who is in a contentious divorce with his wife of over two decades. That doesn’t seem like it will help him in his divorce, seeing that his wife Nicole Young claims he has been spending money on a slew of mistresses. So does Moniece confirming their relationship harm him in the divorce? Has Dre been spending marital funds on other women?

Well according to Moniece Dr. Dre called her twice and threatened her. She said it was so bad she is convinced that the accusation of Dre being a “woman beater” must be true. Wow. That must have been some heated phone calls. But when asked, she said she was going to wait to release the phone calls she claims she recorded. It seems Nicole Young may have the proof she needs to prove Dre has been stepping out and splurging on his “girl friends”.

Apryl is the mother of two by a famous R&B star Omarion of “B2K” fame. We first see her on “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood” being his loving companion. But when they split she began dating his band mate Fizz. The public was outraged that out of all the dudes she could have moved on with she chose his band mate. And when she was publicly criticized she defended herself by posting some disrespectful videos and even went live on social media and she bragged about spreading herself throughout the industry. Moniece who has a son with Fizz expressed her surprise that someone like Dr. Dre would be involved with someone like Apryl.

I personally am not surprised. I’m just surprised that Dre would put this relationship on blast when he is fighting with his wife over finances. And let’s not forget he is supposed to be recuperating from a brain aneurysm. This type of mess he really doesn’t need. I mean he could have been lower key knowing that his wife is looking for dirt to help her get the advantage in the divorce. So if he did in fact threaten Moniece it may be because Nicole can use this to help her case.

I say give her the money Dre. You obviously are not wasting time moving on, give her what she is due and let her move on too. For a guy who seems to like to be private, Dr. Dre is moving like he likes the drama. Dre I hope you not out here threatening women behind some mess you created. Nobody could put your business out there if there is nothing messy to be put out, ya dig? This divorce is turning into the trial of the century!


What are your thoughts?

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