When the Insecure Narcissistic Husband Loses His Ride Or Die, Otherwise Known As Martell Holt And Melody Holt…

If you aren’t watching “Love and Marriage Huntsville” on Own Network, and you fancy yourself a connoisseur of reality shows, then you should.

This show is bananas and undeniably real. There is a lot going on, on the show and outside of the show. Mainly we are privy the drama involving Martell and Melody Holt and the fact that although being married and having five kids with his wife, Martell has gotten his mistress of five years pregnant. Whew!

Why is “Love and Marriage Huntsville” so popular? Because, unlike some reality shows, the drama is real and sometimes really raw for the viewers, this makes this show different from most.  And if we were to study a particular dynamic that is mesmerizing it is the relationship between the Holts.

While I am labeling Mr. Holt a narcissist and Mrs. Holt a codependent, this is only based on the behaviors I have seen exhibited on the show so this is only my opinion. Martell and Melody Holt are a perfect example of when the codependent gains the strength to leave the narcissist.

On the first season of the show we all watched him dog her out to the point we thought she was weak, but hold up. Things have changed on Season Two, when Melody found out that Martell long time mistress was pregnant, she filed for a divorce.

What happened next made us all see a different side of Martell.  Because like any other narcissist that realizes he made a mistake Martell has started to become unhinged. He never thought she would leave him; He thought she was so broken and in love that he could go back and forth between her and the side chick.

But Melody bossed up, toughened up, and is on the come up. And Martell is fit to be tied. He is losing his “ride or die” and by the looks of it, he is losing his sanity as well. He is acting crazy running around trying to convince everyone that Melody is dead wrong. He doesn’t even notice the side eyes when he says she is a cheater as well. Well did she cheat for five years? Cause only then would you all be even. The nerve!

The Hoovers

Last season Martell refused to go to events, and was spreading gossip about the other cast mates. But now that Melody left, he is popping up on all the people he “shaded” residences and places of business.  

He even had the nerve to pop up at Melody’s new home; mind you he refused to leave the marital home forcing her to get a new place for her and their kids.

So what gives him the right to come over when he feels like it? His entitlement has no boundaries. But if Melody was to pop up on him, would she just catch him with his mistress or another girlfriend?

The Smear Campaign

Martell is telling anyone who will listen to him that Melody also cheated on him. The looks on the faces of the people that he tells, says and shows it all, nobody believes that. And if that doesn’t work he tries to go back to his tried and true excuse of Melody not pleasing him sexually  and as a neglectful wife. He wants the cast to see her through his eyes.

He also had the audacity to say it was because of Melody he acted so hatefully towards the others that was offended by him on the previous season. He doesn’t care that this is the mother of his children, one of which is still a toddler. He doesn’t care that he cheated for years and got his mistress pregnant. All that matters to him is that he isn’t the only one that looks bad.

The Rage

Now since Melody won’t take him back he is hell bent on getting a reaction from her and barely gets one. But he knows her. He tells her he is seeking full custody. Now Melody reacts, and he has a smile of satisfaction on his face. He wanted so badly to project his self hate onto her. It gives off the smell of “if I can’t make you come back I will make your life hell” and it stinks.

The Grass Is Always Greener

The mistress lost as soon as Melody let go. Narcissists like to compare, triangulate and gaslight people that are in relationships with them.  When the mistress became his woman by default she was no longer his temporary escape from his marriage. Now he looks at the mistress as a liability, especially now that she will have a baby. Now he realizes Melody had it all but he took her love for granted. Now he will have to watch Melody gain self esteem from accomplishments.   He will now have to watch her be with another man that will treat her and the kids well.

I feel so sorry for their kids. They are sad about their parent’s break up. I feel sorry for this new baby who will have to struggle with being accepted due to it being a result of this affair. I feel sorry for all the people that this affair has hurt. I feel sorry for Melody who has to deal with the fall out of this affair. But you know who is begging for sympathy but I am hard pressed to give it to? Martell.

Just let her go bruh. Stop doing anymore damage and go off with the woman you called a “peasant” and raise your son. If it wasn’t what you wanted you shouldn’t have worked so hard to do it. Its time. Let her go.

What are your thoughts?

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