Are You Watching The Chasing Reality YouTube Series, “Chasing Atlanta”? Well Here’s Why You Should!

Okay, I must admit I am sick of watching television. Since we are all STILL trying to social distance indoors I’m watching all the shows I can find that will capture my attention. If you are a fan of reality shows, especially the ones that are outrageous, I found one that may be worth you spending a few days binge watching. The show is a web series on YouTube called, “Chasing Atlanta”. It’s four seasons in so you may be wondering if it is even worth the trouble, but I promise you the first episode of season one will get you hooked because the shenanigans begin immediately.

No, for real, immediately.

What Is “Chasing Atlanta” About?

Ok. It’s a reality show.

 I know, I know, you are probably sick of reality shows by now.

But, this is a different type of reality show. This show follows the lives of Gay, Bi-Sexual, and Transgendered cast. The series gives you a glimpse into the life and struggle of some members of the LGBT community as they try to make their individual dreams come true. So it’s a journey that we get to see firsthand, as they are trying to make it big in a number of ventures such as, fashion design, culinary, dancing, and singing, hair styling and more. There is even a cast member that is a pet groomer to celebrity clients. Sound interesting?  

The filming takes place at locations in Atlanta. You get to see them go to different venues, spots, shops etc. There are fashion shows, charity dinners, kick backs, work outs, quiet dinners for two….but hold up.

Remember I said it is a reality show? And what’s a reality show without someone being dramatic, catty, confrontational, sensitive, violent, sexual, funny, sad, over the top, tipsy, drunk, hella drunk, white girl wasted, high, low, sneaky, rude, disrespectful, somewhat respectful, downright ignorant but has some religion mixed in to the pettiness. You get the point right? Bring on the guilty pleasure!

The confessionals are everything. I will admit that K. Michelle, Phaedra Parks and Joseline Hernandez are my favorite people that I would pick if I had to put together an All-Star team of shade throwers from reality TV. But the “Chasing Atlanta” cast is willing to give it the old college try and that is comical. Oliver Twixt is hilarious and so is Lauryn England.

I can honestly say I liked every cast member from every season. Maybe not all at first, but they all made their mark. But just because I like you doesn’t mean you are good for the show. Some of these people make it hard to be likeable. The cast vary each season. I was interested once I watched the trailer, and proceeded to watch all the episodes in a span of three days. I admit that I am bored and at this point desperate to watch anything that will entertain me. But this show is really attention-grabbing. The cast is really talented. That brings me to the music that is featured on the show.

The Music

Lil Kendra

I love the music that is played on the show, especially the music from the cast. I can admit I wouldn’t have thought I would be living in a time where there are transgendered woman wanting to step out and pursue careers in genres of music like Hip –Hop because it tends to be sexist, misogynistic and transphobic. But this show introduces us to different perspectives and the trials of transgendered women. Lil Kendra is a transgendered rapper. I like her music. Yep, I played “Free Lil Kendra” a few times after I heard it on the show. The Sylvers sample did it for me. Shout out to, WayneDaPain who is Kendra’s manager and raps on her songs and seems to be her biggest supporter.

(1882) Lil. Kendra – FreeLilKendra (official video beat by RK for So Officials Productions) – YouTube

It’s a toss-up on which one of Lil Kendra’s songs is my favorite because really all of her songs are banging. And I’m sure her songs resonate with many people. I like the collabs she did with Oliver and Lauryn so I hope the paperwork is straightened out. I mean they could tour together whenever this God awful pandemic is eradicated. That’s if they could put aside the beefs and focus. But if not, they all have bright futures ahead of them. But you would think they would want to get the most out of the notoriety of the show. A conversation could be had and things could be worked out, but it may have gone too far and be too late….    

Lauryn England

Who knew Lauryn would turn out to be of all things a singer as well as a business owner making boss moves and using this show to truly support her brand. I like this song:

(1881) FUNNY- Lauryn England [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] – YouTube

Lauryn has come a long way. We have watched her literally transition in more than one way. In season 4, Lauryn did a lot of awesome things including transition to becoming her true self.  Accomplishments build self esteem, and as she becomes more successful we see her becoming a grown woman. Okay, grown, but still growing and looking more and more confident and beautiful every season. It’s nice to see a softer side of Lauryn. But she still gets sassy. Why wouldn’t she?  

Oliver Twixt

Oliver got hits. I like his music and his personality but he is shady. I like his relationship with his mother who has finally decided to live her truth. I think it’s cool that they both accept each other. His mother has come out as being a lesbian and Oliver is a gay man who calls himself a nerd, wears loud colors, has a streak in his high top fade, wears glasses and has his mom as his best friend, does interviews, and has of all things a board game, and he raps too. Whew! He did a cover of “Money” by Cardi B :

Cardi B – Money (The Retwixt) by Oliver Twixt – YouTube

He has more songs and I think he has talent. He is associated with some big names like, TS Madison, Funky Dineva and we see him climbing in stature and being focused on more and more. I just want Oliver to focus on the most important things because the drama is abundantly flowing his way.


I like the music that this duo put out. But, that being said, I’m glad they are off the show because, I don’t think the show showed them in the best of light. I do hope the show continues to feature their music onto the show. They have a lot of talent as well, and they are an interesting match of a gay man and transgendered woman. Here’s one of their jams:

(1883) WeWereBorn – BowFlexxx (Official Video) – YouTube

That song is a bop right? Yeah we all need to support good music so I am including their music as well.

RiKo With A K

Another gay rapper that raps so well nothing else matters ins the bars is Riko. Here is one of his songs:

(1883) RiKo With A K – #DumDum – YouTube

Yes! The music from the show is fire. So I hope we continue to get glimpses into the music careers of the cast.


Production has gotten much better with picture quality and sound. The best thing to me is the editing. But…

Okay producers, did you know that we could see you? Yep, one of yawl caught the bone, carried the bone, but didn’t bury the bone deep enough….Kevon, was it really necessary to tell Devon about the “cat-fish” comment? I mean it did stir up the drama, but it was contrived. For the life of me I didn’t understand why it was such a big deal. But who knew such foolishness would erupt from a stupid phrase. It went from being hilarious to sad. I think it would have just died down if it didn’t bring up certain feelings in Devon. I just wish production wasn’t so involved with the cast…the rumors…the pot stirring…its way too obvious.

I guess we should appreciate things being transparent.

I do like that the cast seems to get along with the producers but sometimes they break the fourth wall and we think, why not make yourself a part of the cast the same way Shaunie O’Neal did on VH1? Just a thought.

Where Can You Find This Show?

You won’t find it on the usual television stations because it’s on “The Chasing Reality” YouTube channel. So look what you get to do? You get to binge watch this show and show some much needed love to our brothers and sisters of the LGBT community. We all matter. So in the words of the inspirational Imani Vanzap, “let’s get stronger and better. Bye babies…..”

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(1883) Chasing: Reality – YouTube

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