When This Woman Speaks About Anime: When Will We Be Blessed With “Classroom Of The Elite 2”? Still Waiting…

We have not seen any updates to the release of “Classroom of The Elite Season 2”, and believe me I have been scouring the internet for credible information. The best I could find was September of 2019, and that was two years ago! So as a fan I just want to know, when will we get the next installment? I suspect the Covid-19 pandemic would have something to do with the release date being uncertain.

Dang it!

Did you happen to read or see any updates on the release of “Classroom of The Elite Season 2? Drop a comment below and help this woman in my endeavors to get the info to spread to the lovers of Anime. We have been waiting for years but I have been told that this is not unusual for projected release dates for highly anticipated series of Anime to change with some taking more than 5 years to come out.

It’s been hard on the fans as many of the studios have had to change release dates. Have you been anticipating the release of the second series?

What are your thoughts?

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Classroom Of The Elite Season 2 is Finally Happening: Release Date, Plot, Backstory & More (heraldjournalism.com)


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