Americans Have Had Enough, When Will This Pandemic End? Here’s The Answer…..

We are all so very tired of being stuck in the house and wearing masks. If I never hear the phrase “social distancing” again I would be happy as a lark. But as this life changing pandemic wears on we all want to know, will this end? The short answer is yes, the pandemic will end. But when, now that is another answer that cannot be given in a short phrase. So, let’s examine what the experts say to get a more complete answer of when will this horrifically, awful pandemic end.

It Is Believed Covid-19 Is Here To Stay

So as I stated before the pandemic will end but it is believed that Covid-19 in some form will continue to be around, we will just be better prepared to live with it much as we now know how to live with influenza in America. There will be more research and methods will be put in place that will help us deal with this form of coronavirus. But unfortunately, many will become immune because they will get infected then get immunity when they recover. Some Americans fortunately will be spared infection through “herd immunity” as more and more people are vaccinated. How do we know this we will go back to some form of stability? It has happened before through other diseases such as the common flu which used to kill at much higher rate than it does now.

So you can have some hope that yes, eventually we will see a end to the drastic measures that we have been forced to deal with to combat the rapid spread of the deadly virus that has killed so many of us….But when?

You May Want To Seriously Consider Vaccination

It is believed by some experts like, Dr. Anthony Fauci who is the chief medical advisor to President Biden that our best defense against Covid-19 as a nation is to get the benefits of “herd immunity”. As more people are immune to the disease due to previous infection or vaccination, less people will become newly infected and therefore the need to drastically put forth measures to lessen the spread will become unnecessary.

There are some people who are hesitant to be vaccinated or vaccinations are not available in their area. This is unfortunate because Dr. Fauci believes the pandemic will continue until most of the nation becomes immune. I would encourage people that are hesitant to be vaccinated educate themselves not only with the risks but the benefits of vaccinations. I personally would like to send prayers to anyone currently battling symptoms of Covid-19 but survival will possibly lead to your body being able to recognize and then fight the infection again. Stay positive.

So When Will the Pandemic End?

Nobody knows for sure and as I type the country is still suffering as January was a deadly month as Covid-19 infections lead to many deaths in America nationwide. The best advice given is to continue to prevent the spread. So that’s the long answer put into a phrase, we don’t know for sure. But it will end.

Until then?

Prevention is more desirable than having to be treated for the Covid-19 infection and possibly dying from the disease it causes.  Until most of are immune, we will need to continue to slow the spread of the coronavirus and that is through social distancing measures.  Examples are:

Stay at least 6 feet away from others in public spaces

In private spaces limit the amount of people gathering if possible

Wear masks and face coverings especially in public spaces

Wash your hands often especially after touching surfaces and avoid touching your face

Avoid touching others and examples of this are shaking hands or hugging

Don’t go out in public unnecessarily and if you show symptoms of Covid-19 infection

If you need more information about social distancing please go to the CDC website and here is a link:

Social Distancing (

So I hope I explained that the pandemic will end, and when it possible would. Feel free to go to the reference section of this post to get more information about this topic. And I hope everybody stays healthy and positive during these trying times for our nation.

So have you received the vaccination for Covid-19? Leave a comment I would love to know your opinion, and thank you for your support!

What are our thoughts?

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