The Curious Case of Reginae Carter And 4 Reasons Women Might Have A Problem With Her

Recently rapper YFN Lucci, was arrested for murder and has come under scrutiny. But this post is not about him, its about his girlfriend, Reginae Carter. Usually there would be an overwhelming amount of encouragement, but there is something about this young lady that makes women not support her in droves. After all, she is Lil Wayne’s daughter.

I think I know a few reasons why she is disliked by some so indulge me for a bit as I break down why I feel women have a problem with Reginae. It’s just my opinions and if you agree or have opinions of your own, may you always feel perfectly free to drop a comment because they are always welcome.  Are you ready for my opinion? Well here it is….

1. She appears to be spoiled

It’s no secret that Reginae grew up privileged. But she comes off a bit spoiled. While she had an extravagant “Sweet Sixteen” party when she was turning 18 she expected to get a big party then. And when her mother Toya Wright, told her she was going to have a dinner instead of lavish party? Reginae didn’t take that well and insisted and persisted in her effort to have her party. People felt some type of way watching her on the show “Growing Up Hip Hop” basically having a hissy fit.

If Reginae is spoiled you can blame her parents not her. What do you expect when you give your children things, just because?  When you try to set boundaries they rebel. Taking in account that she is still young she has the opportunity to grow out of it as she matures and takes responsibility for her life.

2. She name drops

How many times have we heard Reginae say “Lil Wayne is my daddy”? Nobody likes a person that brags all the time. That attitude is eventually met with, “we know we know”. It seems too many people that it’s her go to. Not only that, she frequently names all the celebrities in her social circle. And if they happen to be in her dad’s circle, she name drops them too.

Imagine that she did not have famous parents. There are plenty women who brag on their dads even when they are not notorious. Now as far as the others names she brings up, I chalk that up to her being immature and not having guidance on navigating your way in a celebrity circle.

3. She is compared to other celebrity kids like Zonnique Pullins

Watching her on “Growing up Hip Hop” with other celebrity children, who appear to be humble and down to earth, she comes off entitled in comparison. Remember, television shows are edited and you only get a glimpse of the people on realty shows. Her mother vouched that she is not the person she is portrayed to be.

It has to be difficult to grow up under the scrutiny of the public. I get it. Other celebrity children appear to be humble, but do you really know how they are if you only get to see them in a limited scope. Plenty of people also say that Reginae is a sweet girl, and not the entitled brat she made out to be. Well they should know seeing how they actually know her. Comparing her to others is a bit unfair.

4. She jumps into situations that are not her battles

For a time Reginae would jump to defend her mother, father, friends, boyfriend, you name it she was responding on social media and getting dragged in response. The sentiment is that she should mind her business.

Rather than being a busy body, I see her as being protective over the people she loves. As she gets older she will learn that minding your business is a great way to live your life. The people she usually defends don’t ask for her to back them up. And in the case of her mother, father, friends, and boyfriend, they seem to be able to take care of themselves. In time she will get it.

So while you may have thought by the title this post was going to be a ride on the hate train that is not my intention. I actually like Reginae and can see that in many cases she is misunderstood. As she gets older she gets more and more beautiful like her mother. And I know if we fast forward a few years she may improve her public image, or just keep off social media.

So I would like to send some support to Ms. Carter while she deals with possibly losing her boyfriend. I hope she will just remove herself from social media for a while and grow outside of her public image. I suspect she will return as a phenomenal role model for young girls. She has it all in her to come off as that sweetheart we all know she is.

What are our thoughts?

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