The Curious Case of Lori Harvey And 4 Reasons Women Might Have A Problem With Her

Men love them some Lori Harvey but there is something about Lori Harvey that seems to rub some women the wrong way. So it is being reported that Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan are a couple, and while some people are happy for them, there are a certain segment of women who are up and arms about it. So it has me thinking, why? Why in the world does this young lady get so much hate?

I think I know a few reasons why so indulge me for a bit as I break down why I feel women have a problem with Lori. It’s just my opinions and if you agree or have opinions of your own, may you always feel perfectly free to drop a comment because they are always welcome.  Are you ready for my opinion? Well here it is….

1. She’s Beautiful

Lori Harvey is an extremely beautiful girl. Women may not want to admit it, but pretty women intimidate some women and bring out feelings of insecurity in others. We don’t even like when other women say things like “Women hate me” or “Women are jealous of me” because it is an assumption. I mean who are you to assume that just because you are attractive other women are jealous?

And half the time it may not be true. Some women just like to toot their delusional horn, but when you are as striking as Lori, it is probably more true than false. So while some women get the side eye or roll of the eyes when they swear other women just love to hate them, in the case of Lori I feel this is one of the reasons she irritates some women and it is her beauty that incites jealousy.

2. She Dates Rich, Famous and Handsome Guys

The guy’s that she deals with are the types of men that twenty four year old women dream of being in a relationship with. I mean Michael B. Jordan is fine. He is rich. He is famous. He is way out of the average twenty four year olds league. It’s not that they won’t be pretty enough or worthy enough either. I mean you won’t just run into him that easily like you would the guy who works at the local bank or supermarket. He runs in a different circle.

Trust me; there are a lot of beautiful women who can catch the eye of a celebrity man. But Lori, who is the adopted daughter of television host Steve Harvey, leads the kind of life that puts her in the company of the rich and famous. She’s around them and by her being beautiful they “holler” and she most definitely hollers back. And that makes some women feel some type of way. And that leads me to my next point…..

3. She Dates a lot (According to some….)

Now we all know that women are regularly held to a different standard than that of men. If Lori was a twenty four year old man who dated around it would be celebrated. It would be proof that he is desirable. Heck, it would be encouraged. But she is not a man. When things don’t work out, Lori seems to be on to the next. And that definitely is one thing that is constantly brought up. According to some, “She gets around.”

Well what’s wrong with that? She’s a woman and that’s what’s wrong with that. Instead of being celebrated she is chastised and talked about. And women are usually socialized not to accept other women who “get around” in the mist of them or more importantly their men. It’s a double standard and its unfair. But one more reason for women to dislike her. And that leads into my next point……

4. The Men seem to adore her and Treat her like a Prize

The men that Lori dates seem to wine and dine her on private jets, roses, yachts and the whole nine. What woman does not like to be publicly adored? But you can believe that having men be passionate about you in front of other women can make then burn with envy. I’m not saying they do everything right, because none of them have stuck, but publicly she seems to be worshipped, wined and dined. I suspect this may really get to some women especially if they don’t seem to have that in their lives.

So while you may have thought by the title this post was going to be a ride on the hate train that is not my intention. I wish Lori Harvey all the happiness in the world, do your thing.  And remember, haters gone hate. But there is nothing but love coming from me.

What are your thoughts?

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