Ava Louise Admits She Lied On Kanye West And Jeffree Star, So Now What?

While millions around the world were watching the “riot” at the White House, Ava Louise was on TikTok spreading lies in her latest desperate attempt for attention. On the January 6 she made the claim that rapper Kanye West, and makeup guru, Jeffree Star were having an affair. And in between reporting on the mayhem in the national capitol, news outlets and blogs reported on this salacious “affair.”And now she comes out and admits she lied.


The sad thing is this is not the first disgusting thing Ava has done for clout and likes. She has in the past licked a toilet seat….yes, you read that right. This grown woman licked a toilet seat of an airplane and then uploaded the video.


So that brings me to a point I would like to make. I hope Kanye West sues her for defamation and whatever money she makes off TikTok goes to him and his family for any damage to his reputation that this lie may have caused. We all know that West has been going through a tough time lately. Its really low for him to be kicked while he is down in the mist of reports that he and his wife Kim Kardashian are getting a divorce.

So now what? Is there any consequence for being a bold face liar? At the very least she should be banned from TikTok, I mean what gives her the right to just come after a celebrity and defame him? It’s not only that without any proof she spoke on his sexual orientation which is a private matter, but she said he was cheating on his wife which is frowned upon in society. Who wants to be labeled as a cheater?

And whether Kanye West is gay or not is irrelevant especially because he is married to a woman! And more importantly it’s his personal life which she has no knowledge of and intentionally put out a rumor as if being gay is a bad thing. But it’s not true, it’s a lie! And anyone who is gay should be offended that when someone wants to cause a ruckus they throw the gay card out in the mix. I mean its 2021. Jeffree Star has come out as a gay man, but that doesn’t mean anyone should lie and say he is sleeping with someone when he is not. He should sue her as well.

So you all tell me what you think? Should she be allowed to continue to spread lies on people without consequence? I think not. I’m not for censorship of free speech but lies are not protected under the constitution. She stated she made the lie up because she was on Adderall and bored. Keep in mind Adderall is a stimulant.

Shame on you Ava Louise.

You are too old to be making up things because you are bored and on medication. Maybe you should do a Sudoku puzzle next time  you feel the need to sprout false information and if Adderall is not enough to help you curb your attention seeking behaviors then maybe you should ask a psychiatrist for something stronger. Just a few suggestions, but the problem is there is no drug you can take for being a liar. This ding bat even told us that “you’re welcome for the memes”.

Girl bye!

What are your thoughts?

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Toilet-Licking Tik Tok Star Admits She Fabricated Kanye West & Jeffree Star Affair Rumors – YouTube

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