5 Reasons Why I Feel Kenya Moore Was Appropriately “Un-invited” To the Porsha Williams Surprise Celebration Party

So I watched the latest episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta and the one thing that stood out for me to speak about was the activism of Porsha Williams and the celebration her sister Lauren Williams threw to celebrate it. Porsha is evolving as a person and I for one am proud of her.

But it wouldn’t have been aired on a popular reality show without some drama attached to the event, and we can always count on Kenya Moore to bring the shade. So I watched the episode and I hope I got the issue correctly documented. So here is the issue, and if I have some of the elements incorrect please correct me in the comments.

Here I go,

Lauren invited people to a surprise party celebrating Porsha. She did not include Kenya. Cynthia is invited to the party and asks if Kenya can be her “plus one” and Lauren reluctantly agrees but specifies that Kenya need to have “good intentions.” Lauren then gets cold feet and reaches out to “un invite” Kenya.

How did I do?

The story does get a bit convoluted but I think I have a good enough grasp to give an opinion an give a few reasons why I think it is a good move to not invite Kenya to the invent celebrating Porsha.

1. Kenya Is Not Supportive of Porsha’s Activism

Kenya has voiced her opinion about the activism of Porsha Williams and it not supportive. In essence she feels that Porsha Williams’ association and efforts with the Black Lives Matter Movement is inauthentic. It makes no sense to an event based on that reason alone. The purpose of the party is to celebrate the efforts of Porsha who has been arrested more than once for protesting on the behalf of the efforts to bring homicide charges against the officers in the killing of Breonna Taylor. Well if you think Porsha’s labors are inauthentic why take part in the harvest? At one point during the episode Kenya called the party, “self-serving”, “fake” and a “photo op”. Why even come?

2. Kenya Has a Tendency to Be Extra At Events

Another reason Kenya shouldn’t have been invited is the opinion that she tends to act out at events we see she is in attendance on the show. In fact, during this episode the producers of the show played numerous clips of the times Kenya behaved badly at events one of the clips being a charity event where she got into it with Porsha. She even acted crazy at Cynthia’s event and they are supposedly good friends.

But the clip that sealed the deal for me was the one of her bringing a marching band to a hair event given by Marlo Hampton, who is a friend of the show. Kenya, who has a hissy fit whenever she even thinks someone is coming for her hair care business, loves to shade the other business owners that appear on the show but had no problem disrespecting another business woman’s hair care event. Do we not think she would disrespect Porsha Williams’ event? Even housewife Kandi Burruss was doubtful of Kenya’s assertions that she would have attended the event and “play nice.” But something tells me Kenya would have found a reason to bring up her concerns about Porsha’s being inauthentic so this is another good reason why Ms. Moore should not have attended the event.

3. Kenya Has a History of Provoking Porsha

There has been more than one incident where Kenya and Porsha have has screaming back and forth interactions. At an event that is associated with the Black Lives Matter platform, it would not be a good look for both women to get into another confrontation where they trade insults.

Kenya even stated within the episode that she was offended that the invitation was rescinded, which proves she has no clue how antagonistic she has been towards Porsha. Lauren has second thoughts probably due to her remembering what we have all witness over the years. There are times when Kenya can provoke but never seem to take responsibility nor understand why other would be wary of her.

These two have even had a physical fight where Porsha drug Kenya to the floor during a reunion episode on the show. Kenya does not feel she did anything that deserved her being physically touched. But never understood why jumping into Porsha’s face, although they both were yelling and charging at each other, was a bad decision. It doesn’t matter to Kenya. Until she learns that she also brings negativity unnecessarily to a tense situation; she should avoid people she tends to have negative interactions with. Agree?

4. Porsha Was Being Honored

After watching so many seasons of this show I have noticed a trend. If the scene has nothing to do with Kenya and she feels she is in need of some personal attention, she will find a way to make a scene that is about someone else one of her very own. This event was about Porsha and it is best that people who will honor her be in attendance because they will make every effort to make it about her.

Who is to say giving the gift for Pilar to her would have led to a discussion that would have ended up being a deflection from the purpose of the event? What if Porsha was suspicious and Kenya got offended? Any given scenario would take away from the event. We love that Kenya is the wild card that spices things up. But we hate that Kenya is the wild card that can act inappropriately sometimes to the point of leaving us exhausted.

When Porsha saw the gift she thought it was nice of Kenya and when she found out why Kenya was not there she admitted that she didn’t really care if she and Kenya were cool or not and that she only came to this resolution after she did attempt and try to be Kenya’s friends but was unsuccessful.

So in the end it is best that because these women are not friends it should be fine that Kenya was not invited. But Kenya did state in the episode that she was offended that the invitation was rescinded and while Porsha had no clue about it, watch Kenya make it another reason to be mad and fight with her. Whew!

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What are your thoughts?

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