When Will The Narcissist Get Their Karma? They Look So Happy Without Me! Read This…

So you have been dumped or discarded and now you are distraught. It doesn’t help that it seems like the dumper has skated off into the sunset and is blissfully happy without you. You may have put up with a lot only for the dumper to disregard all that and just break it off.

You are left to pick up the pieces, but you want to know if the narcissist who dumped you will get what karma has to offer. You wait and you wait but every time you see them they are smirking and smiling. Don’t worry. Read this post and trust that old dogs never learn new tricks. The narc will stay the same and that will be their downfall. And every dog has its day. Let me explain…

They Will Eventually Be Revealed and Abandoned

Narcissists hate being told no, or not being catered to. They always show how self centered they are, Narcissists tend not to have empathy for others and they act extremely insecure at times. Simply put, the narcissist has ways about them that eventually lead to people avoiding them. They tend to rage on others for petty reasons and this can lead to people growing tired of their tantrums and antics. What at first is cute, entertaining or mildly annoying becomes exhausting and many people just don’t want to keep up and put up with the narcissist.

So where at first people seem to love the narcissist and seek out their company over time their personality disorder leads to people abandoning and slighting the narcisissist. The narcissist is eventually starved for “supply” or the type of supply that will satisfy their bottomless pit of self serving needs.

So while it seems that they are winning with people at first, just keep in contact and you will see the tide start to change as karma creeps in to do her job.

They Are Never Happy

First of all the nature of the narcissistic personality does not allow the narcissist to ever be satisfied with their lives. Why do you think they dumped you? You were probably the perfect partner and bent over backwards to please them, but they still criticized and found fault in you. The better you treated them, or the more you tried, the more you were devalued and manipulated.

Narcissists are never happy. They always are in search of more or comparing themselves to others and then deeming their lives better. Narcissists often feel the “grass is always greener” and love to upgrade the things and people in their lives without feeling bad.

Sometimes the narcissist who lacks empathy may feel a twinge of guilt about the horrible or super petty things they have done to others, and this will lead them to be even more abusive to others to mask their guilt and keep the uncomfortable feelings at bay by projecting the bad feelings they feel for themselves onto others.

So feel free to ignore all the happy, and smiling pictures you see on social media, trust me it’s a mask. If you could have a glimpse into what is really going on? You would see that the narcissist is sad, lonely and miserable just like they want you to feel when they dump you as if you were yesterday’s trash.

Remember They Lost You and Even Had the Nerve to Dump You

One karmic penalty you have seemed to forgotten is, THE NARC DUMPED YOU! You were waiting on them hand and foot or you rooted for them when times were hard for them. You were the best you could be to them and even though they treated you badly, you didn’t leave. THE NARC DUMPED YOU!

Only a narcissist would play their hand so badly because no one in their position would dump someone so devoted to them. So trust me, they will never get another you, and this means they are already losing. You are the best thing to happen to them and they had the nerve to get rid of you. They will have to now go through life without out your greatness being injected into their lives.

You Need To Move On, Who Cares If The Narcissist Gets Their Karma Or Not?

Often, it feels like the abuse that the narcissist heaped on to us has bound them to us. This is because often we are “trauma bonded” to them. We need to learn healthy ways to break that bond. Narcissistic abuse can lead to an immense amount of psychological trauma for its victims. It’s important to heal the deep psychological damage that the victim of narcissistic abuse has suffered. It is normal to want to get revenge on anyone who has caused such a pain. It’s normal for you to want to see the person who dumped you to receive karma for causing you pain, but in the case of the narc, its better to just live a life free of their abuse.

It is my opinion it would be better to rebuild your self esteem and focus on your mental health and your overall better well being. You are a great person who is worthy of real love, not the manipulation, abuse and pain the narcissist has to offer, don’t you agree?

Need help with healing from narcissistic abuse? For more information on narcissistic abuse recovery I chose to add some websites that may be helpful for you to visit:

What are your thoughts?    

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