The Grandiose Narcissist and His Flying Monkeys, Otherwise Known as Donald Trump and His Supporters

With the upcoming transition of power from President Trump to Joe Biden, I for one will be happy to be rid of the ongoing dramatics involving the President and his loyal supporters. These last four years have been more interesting than any reality show I have ever seen on T.V. and much more of a train wreck. Donald Trump is a whole lot so of course he has the most extreme supporters I have witnessed. It goes beyond reason sometimes.

Ever wonder why the supporters of Donald Trump are such fanatics beyond reason?

 In my opinion Donald Trump is a narcissist and the people that blindly following have not “drank the Kool-Aid”, but are actually his “flying monkeys”. Okay, to be fair this is just my personal theory and not an actual diagnosis, but it is an explanation for all of the hoop da la we have experience based on this man being our Chief of State.  

So in this post I will be explaining my “theory” and I feel the need to state this is just my opinion, I have not personally met Donald Trump and doubt very seriously he cares about my opinion, but just in case someone would like an opinion of why his reign has left the United States almost as fractured as during times of the Civil War.

The Reasons I Feel Trump is a Narcissist

This is not a formal diagnosis but there are certain traits and behaviors that are attributed to a grandiose narcissist that I can apply to my theory. The American Psychiatric Association has explained their  classification of narcissistic personality disorder in its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders and I have made a comparison of Trump and decided if it walks like one, and talks like one then it is one, which is, Trump in my opinion is a clear narcissist.

Let me lay out my reasons for this assessment and let me know if you feel I make any valid points.

Lacks Empathy

So the story began with Trump saying he was going to build a wall to keep illegal immigrants out. The next thing I know I’m hearing stories about children being separated from their families at the border. Wait, what does putting children in cages like sub humans have to do with protecting the borders?

In 2018 is estimated that approximately 2500 children were separated from their families at the border, and many of them will never see their families again. Why is this happening?

Why is it acceptable to treat the most vulnerable amongst us like zoo animals? If it is inhumane to starve dogs, why in the world is acceptable to put humans in cages and starve them? Oh yes, I forgot…..America is being made great….again. Well the children say differently. There has been numerous report of the ill treatment of the children and even actual interviews with the children who report all types of abuses.

I just want to say, shame on Donald Trump for picking on the kids.

I shudder to think how fast and swift the backlash would have been if Trump were harming animals such as dogs or cats. The same country that has people in it will throw red paint on your expensive fur coat because we hate to see harm come to animals, egged on Donald Trump when he put children in cages.

Grandiosity and Vulnerable To Criticism

Trump’s sense of entitlement and tendency to discount the opinions and feelings of others are clear signs of a lack of empathy which is a key trait of narcissism.  Sensitivity and defensiveness are his weapons against anyone speaking in criticism towards any of his actions which he always seems to feel are appropriate. He has yet to take any accountability for the spread of the coronavirus and the subsequent pandemic, for example. Anyone who brings up how he his administration has handled the pandemic he has become very defensive.


According to, “Narcissistic rage is an outburst of intense anger or silence that can happen to someone with narcissistic personality disorder.” We have recently seen the reaction Trump had to losing the election and I would describe it as rage which is the emotion that narcissists use to intimidate others. He has been firing people left and right in response as well and is seemingly focused on punishing his opponents.

The Trump Supporters as His “Flying Monkeys”

From the time Trump hit the campaign train for the 2016 election, he has proven to have a formidable band of loyal supporters who verge on the edge of fanatics and a few cross over the line to fanatic status. Many of the supporters of Trump can be considered in my opinion, flying monkeys.

Blindly Follows Without Criticizing

There are numerous videos of people making wild accusations in support of Donald Trump and his presidency. Many times when asked about their claims they will say they are repeating the words of Trump and admittedly have no outside verification. Many supporters do not criticize Trump and will defend him against criticism often saying phrases such as, “fake news” in response to disputed facts.  Time after time, his supporters defend his actions no matter how outrageous or “unpresidential” he acts.

Lack Empathy

 I will use the children at the border as an example. If Donald Trump was heartless when he separated the children at the U.S. borders from their parents, his supporters are just as heartless. Just like the narcissist, his flying monkeys also lack empathy or seem to due to their unwavering tactics to deflect criticism for the narcissist and the narcissist’s actions. Shame on his followers for agreeing with Trump’s decision to pick on the kids. And shame on them for blindly supporting him helping his friends while over 90 percent of America is not privy to such protection and advocacy.

So do you agree with my theory?

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