When This Woman Speaks About, 4 Ways Feminine Women and Men Can Channel Masculine Energy and Win Big

Happy New Year, to all and I hope everyone reading this post is safe, healthy and prosperous no matter the gender. We all made it to see another year….


Once again I am shedding some light and expressing my opinion using my education and background in human behavior. This time I want to talk about the difference in energy that people can give that helps them complete tasks, solve problems, and deal with issues and similar human behaviors and interactions. I’m choosing to use the term feminine energy to explain the more nurturing human spirit, and the masculine energy to explain a more commanding human spirit. A certain spirit will express a certain energy, and I am proposing a feminine energy can and should switch into a masculine energy sometimes.

This post is a positive ode to masculine energy which is mainly attributed to masculine men.  But just as channeling feminine energy is possible for both sexes, so is channeling masculine energy and being able to channel both forms of energy will be an advantage for women and men who are mainly full of feminine energy.

Here are 5 ways feminine women can channel masculine energy and bring about positive changes in their 2021. Are you ready to read them, well let’s get started?

1. Adopt a Tendency to Be More Singularly Focused When You Want To Get Things Done

Feminine energy can allow a person to multi task in order to get a variety of things done in a timely manner. Extremely feminine women and men have a tendency to want to multi task. Many feminine people have this skill and are great at multi tasking, but what if for 2021 feminine people switch it up?

Masculine energy singularly focuses on a task until it gets it done and then moves on to the next thing. Instead of having to be split what if you direct all of you focus on getting one thing done at a time. This skill will help you accomplish things on a list in a more directed manner.

2. Cry in Private and Then Address the Problem

Human beings cry it does not matter what gender or energy differences. Feminine energy is more comfortable with receiving the emotional cues of others and expressing emotional cues of distress such as crying. But sometimes crying makes others stop addressing the problem and focus on the emotions that are being expressed.

Masculine energy expresses emotions in private so that the problem can continue to be focused especially if it needs to be viewed in a logical manner. But if possible, tears are shed privately or publicly hidden, and the focus is redirected back to the problem. This is another hidden gem associated with being more singularly focused on fixing problems or completing tasks in a timely manner.

3. Do It Anyway, Regardless Of How You Feel

Feminine energy tends to feel and express and act on emotions. This skill can help when dealing with sensitive matters but when things need to be coming from a logical place the tendency to act on emotion can hinder the process. Sometimes things need to be done and more feminine types will be so emotional they cannot seem to act.

When emotions are not necessary for the situation you are facing and you usually act out of emotion or more importantly can’t act because of your emotion, this year lets change how we go about things. Masculine energy act regardless of how it feels emotionally it tends to go more towards being logical. Try doing things no matter how you happen to feel after using logic to come to a conclusion.

4. Adopt a Tendency to Let It Go When You Feel Like Letting It Go

We all can get into a personal beef with someone; regardless of what energy we tend to stay in. There are times when feminine energy can be shamed into acting as if a beef with someone is over. This can lead to people being in attendance at functions and having heated interactions with people they have not resolved to be around.

Masculine energy does not usually react this way. If there is a personal problem or beef with another, these feelings are processed and worked out before being in the offending persons company, that way when the two people see each other they can be at least cordial. While it may appear that masculine men get over things quickly it is because they act less emotionally and seem to get over things quickly because they actually are over things then they do reengage with a person. If they don’t feel they can do that, they tend to avoid interaction and they can be shamed into doing otherwise.

5. Be Tougher On the Outside and Soft On The Inside

This is an interesting way to channel masculine energy especially for a more feminine energy type of person. Basically you put on a stong demeanor in the face of adverity so that you can inspire confidence from others while remaining nurturing and emotional on the inside. The first few times of a more feminine energy person doing this it  will feel like you are “faking it” but it will be to your advantage to keep practicing this skill.

This will help you go within yourself to remind yourself to be more logical and less emotionally driven by projecting an appearance of indifference in order to feel indifferent. Ever been sad, but put on a happy face and acted happy and before you knew it you were feeling better? Well acting tougher will make you eventually feel a little stronger.

Winning with Masculine Energy, Sort of….

Just to be clear let me again reiterate the meaning of the post is to celebrate masculine energy but not by making the assumption that only people possessing masculine energy win. Just the fact that you are switching energy with the intention of positive changes will be a big win for those of us who are usually ruled by feminine energy. You would be interrupting a negative behavior pattern. Don’t forget what we put energy into will manifest and masculine and feminine energy can be used positively to bring change in 2021 and beyond.

So how do you feel about the topic discussed in this post? Can you see any of these strategies helping you in this New Year and beyond? Feel free to leave a comment and a like! Thanks for your support, it is greatly appreciated and let’s have a great year together!

But what do I know? I’m just a bootleg sociologist who nobody will listen to so I started a blog……….

What are your thoughts?

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