Monique Samuels Drug Gizelle Bryant and Jamal Bryant for Filth on the Real Housewives of Potomac Reunion and Jamal Responds Sort of….

If you are a fan of the Housewives franchise on Bravo then you know that the reunions are normally explosive as the cast gets their chance to hash out the drama that occurred during the season.  But when the Real Housewives sat down for the season 5 part one reunion of Potomac, Gizelle Bryant was put in the hot seat and then Monique Samuels set the chair ablaze! And Karen Huger fanned the flames.

I previously wrote about the fight between Samuels and Candiace Dillard, and the women on the show definitely took sides with most supporting Candiace. The shade was real as the women sat down for part one with the host Andy Cohen. But the last minutes of part one was beyond shocking as Samuels pulled out her binder full of receipts on Jamal Bryant and his infidelities and scandalous past, or according to Samuels, present.

So Pastor Jamal took to social media to “defend” himself from the allegations that were made last Sunday on the epic Potomac reunion.

Allegation: Jamal and Gizelle are faking their relationship to give her a storyline.

He says they are in a real relationship. He is just busy, but she and his daughters visit and phone often.

Allegation: His children are happy with him

Jamal said their reactions were taken out of context because the show had been taped a year ago, in 2019 as a matter of fact. He states they are “Daddy’s girls”.

Allegation: His ex father-in law isn’t happy with him.

Jamal said his ex father in law is 83 years old and has an old school approach to things. He said in actuality he is just being protective of his daughter, Gizelle and they never had a conversation about the things he did to Gizelle.

Allegation: He continues to be unfaithful to Gizelle.

Jamal considers himself single, so technical he is not cheating because he is not engaged to be married or married. As far as the proof Samuels has of another woman? The woman in question is just bitter and seeking attention, in so many words.

Allegation: He is sleeping with his congregation and has a new baby with a woman in the church he is in a relationship with someone in his church.

Jamal denies this.

 Jamal had a binder of his own…..

Allegation: Monique was having an affair and her youngest child is not her husband’s and Gizelle leaked this information

Jamal claims it was Monique’s ex friend “Gigi” leaked the story, not Gizelle. So Monique anger against Gizelle is not valid.

Allegation: Chris Samuels has an anger problem

Jamal alleges that Monique is abused in some kind of way due to his rage episodes.

Allegation: Chris Samuels tried to attack Gizelle and Robyn at the reunion… and security had to be called to prevent that from happening…

Is this a threat? At one point Jamal states that while the Samuel’s had his phone number, but he has their address. Wait, is that a threat?

Jamal says he has footage of Chris verbally assaulting a woman id a supermarket, but does not release the footage, even though he claims to have receipts in his binder. How grand of him seeing that Monique showed her numerous receipts. What’s up with that?

Do you believe him? Do you care?

What are your thoughts?

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