Cardi B Asks Fans about Her 88 Thousand Dollar Purse, And Meek Mill Tells Boys Selling Water to Split 20 Dollars, Are Celebrities Out of Touch?

With so many people facing financial difficulties due to this worldwide pandemic, it seems a little strange so many celebrities seem to be oblivious despite them also being affected by the Covid-19 health crisis. Rappers in particular have seen a drop in their bottom line if they were depending on doing live shows for income as many venues have closed and will remain that way for months. This leads me to want talk about two rappers who are trending due to the latest backlash they are facing.

Cardi B Ask Fans about Her 88 Thousand Dollar Purse

First of all a lot of Americans are suffering financially due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the last thing on their minds is buying a purse when necessities are needed such as food to feed themselves and their families. Secondly, 88 thousand dollars is more than many Americans make in a year let alone have it lying around to splurge on luxury items like designer purses.

Cardi B faced backlash because she tweeted to her fans a question of whether she should buy an 88 thousand purse or not and was accused of being insensitive due to the financial situation many are in because of the pandemic. Does that seem insensitive?

So many rappers start of just like the majority of us. They often seem to forget there was a time when they could not afford the things they are now willing to flaunt to the very people who support their music therefore allowing them the means to buy the very items they throw in our faces. So yes, it is insensitive to ask regular people if you should buy a luxury item when you are a celebrity. Why not ask your celebrity friends that question seeing how many of them can afford the items so thereby wouldn’t be offended by such a question.

Meek Mill Tells Boys Selling Water to Split 20 Dollars

Rapper Meek Mill is rolling down the streets of Atlanta when he comes across seven young men on the street selling water. I want you to keep in mind he is rolling in a four hundred thousand dollar vehicle so he must have caught the attention of most of the people on the street that day.

Apparently it is not uncommon for teens to sell water in an effort to get money so they run up to Meek Mill at a red light to sell him water and he hands one of the seven boys twenty dollars and tells them all the split it. Meek Mill is facing backlash because of this decision as many felt he should have given more to be divided or gave them all money.

I think it was unfair to assume that the boy would split the money so if he wasn’t going to give them all twenty dollars I feel he should have not even bought the water. His doing so did make him seem insensitive. He may even have caused jealousy and a potential fight amongst the boys.  

What are your thoughts?

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