The Bad Girls Have A Conversation on the Zeus Network and It Doesn’t Go Well (Recap of Part One)

With so many of us still stuck indoors due to the ongoing pandemic and scrounging the internet to find shows to watch, I have been watching the shows on Zeus Network and I must say they are fairly entertaining.

They have a show that is on the network that is called “The Conversation” and it features highly profiled people and their conflict with each other. Two people that are in conflict sit down with each other to converse without the aid and comfort of a person to mediate or interview them. They just sit down and talk. So last night, the people featured were the ex cast members from one of my favorite cancelled shows, “Bad Girls Club” which originally aired on the Oxygen Network.

Sometimes a conversation will help bring clarity to situations when people are in conflict but things can also go another way. Sometimes things can end up being even worst after the sit down and that appears to be the outcome of Part One of the conversation between the ex “Bad Girls”, Natalie Nunn, Shannon Sarich, Rocky Santiago, Jada Cacchilli, Cristina Salgado, and Sarah Oliver.

They Haven’t Even Sat Down Yet, but Their Team Is Getting an Earful

The episode starts with Nunn calling the women “basic bitches”. Whoa! Was that just the editing, because it seems to me the episode is already setting the tone of how the conversation will go?

The women haven’t even sat down yet, and we see them getting glammed up, but gossiping about each other behind their backs, but on camera.

Nunn is getting her hair and makeup done, and the insults have started. We don’t really get much background on why the episode has started off hostile, except of Nunn saying to the hair stylist, the other women were beneath her and should be grateful to be in association with her. She states she is the one trying to put money in their pockets. She wants to know why they are mad.

Sarah is shown crying to the woman doing her makeup about the problems she is having trying to have Nunn’s back, so much so the woman states she will have to continuously reapply the makeup if she keeps crying.

Shannon is unsure why they are all even there and while she is getting her hair straightened, Rocky is convincing her of why they are both there. She just wants to put differences aside and get to the “bag.”

Christina and Jada are getting their makeup done, and Christina seems to be highly appreciative of Nunn’s efforts to help them all improve their fortunes, but Jada seems to think things will not be going well.

All of the women, including Nunn seem to share this sentiment in some way or another. I’m a little disappointed things are not clearly laid out for us on just what the issues between the women are.  But besides social media beefs, reality show beefs and drama throughout the years between the women, I found some information in an recent interview that may put things into context on why the conversation seemingly went wrong.

Here’s Some Background Information to Help Put the Hostilities in Context

We already know Natalie Nunn has a lot of beef and drama with women who appeared on the “Bad Girls Club” regardless if they were on her season of not. All of the girls on the panel have some issues with each other, Rocky Santiago is the only one who announces she is neutral so you already expect a sit down to be explosive between the six.

Jada Cacchilli did an interview with super popular vlogger Tasha K on her You Tube channel “Unwine with Tasha K”, and she spoke about a variety of subjects including her appearance on the Zeus Network.

According to her, a buzz began to grow when the rapper, Blueface started his own version of “Bad Girls Club” and supposedly was making in the millions, and this led to renewed interest in the old cast mates of the now cancelled show.

This led to Natalie Nunn reaching out to her and some other former cast mates to start an “Onlyfans” so they could make money off of their fame that came from being on the original show. That prompted a conflict when Nunn went behind their backs and had a separate deal with Zeus Network.

Just in case you didn’t catch the interview, no worries because here it is:

(Posted on YouTube by UNWINEWITHTASHAK)

Jada definitely gave us a lot of tea in the interview wouldn’t you agree?

Brief Recap of the Conversation:

The women arrive and sit down to talk on a set. The women are smoking and drinking which is never a good sign. There are six of them so you can expect interruptions and over talking as emotions run high and they don’t disappoint, but it seems to start cordial enough with Natalie and Shannon exchanging playful banter and then Jada starts the conversation by confronting Nunn for calling her a liar…..

Natalie is convinced everyone has a problem with her which Rocky denies. The women frequently interrupt and over talk. Shannon drunkenly keeps touching Nunn who becomes irate eventually jumping in her face cursing her out.

Nothing is solved or discussed rationally, with money being the main issue at hand. Nunn feels Oliver was bossy and controlling with her rules she was trying to implement.

At one point Nunn appears to get frustrated with all of the interruptions while she says she is trying to make crucial points to where the breakdown between the collective started so she tells Jada to “shut the f*** up” to which Jada replied, “never will I ever” and the explosion hits.

The resulting exchange of putdowns eventually led to the episode ending with Nunn calling Jada out for alleged drug use and jumping in Shannon’s face for touching her.

So the episode ends and I am disappointed that Christina didn’t get to speak very much. I’m also a little disappointed that more focus wasn’t put on them defining what the issues between them were. It didn’t help that some were clearly inebriated.

So did you catch part one, and are you a fan of Bad Girls Club? Leave a comment below and thank you for the support!

What are your thoughts?

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