Will You Be Getting The Covid-19 Vaccine When It Is Readily Available?

Firstly I would like to say I am praying for Americans as we enter the winter months and flu season. It’s been over eight months of the American people suffering through the deadliest health crisis to hit the United States in years.

As this pandemic wears on, there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel as a few drug companies, such as Pfizer, are reporting they have come up with vaccines for the novel Covid-19 virus. In the UK, Pfizer has come up with a vaccine deemed safe enough to administer. It’s only a matter of time before the United States will also be reporting a safe vaccine as Moderna says they will have one available in weeks, and is said the reduce the risk of infection by an astounding 94.5 %. But here is the question that begs an honest answer; will you take the vaccine for Covid-9 when it becomes available to the average American?

Who is the priority for the vaccine?

There are three groups that are a priority for the vaccine. Supposedly, the first in line to receive the vaccines when they are available are health care workers and it is understandable why. So many health care workers, nurses, doctors, emergency responders and the like have risked their lives to provide care for the millions of Americans flooding emergency rooms across the country with many of them putting their health at risk and some catching the virus themselves because of the sacrifice.

Thousands of aides and personnel in nursing homes have been widely affected as thousands of elderly and infirmed have succumbed to the coronavirus. So it is understandable why they would be prioritized. The hopes is that by giving health care workers the vaccine, the numbers of people contracting and eventually dying will be curved as currently more than two hundred and sixty six thousand Americans have tragically died from the lethal virus.

The next alleged group that will be a priority after the health care workers will be the essential workers. These are the people the U.S. Department of Homeland Security deemed critical to continue the infrastructure of the United States. These are the day care workers, transportation workers, and the retailers like the people who sell us the essentials such as food. Basically the workers that we cannot do without or the daily life in America would come to a halt. There is a full and accurate description which you can view by clicking this link:  COVID-19: Essential Workers in the States (ncsl.org)

The last group alleged to be a priority is the elderly, those who are 65 and older. We know these to be the people most at risk from dying from being infected by Covid-19. They are also at risk for hospitalization whereas younger infected persons can usually recuperate at home, and hospitalization can lead to more complications because as we all know, hospitals are full of germs and infectious diseases. So for many reasons it makes sense that the elderly will be in line to get the vaccines and that is understandable.

The average American will eventually get the opportunity to get the vaccine….

So while the supplies will be limited at first, eventually the average person will have a chance to be vaccinated. So will you take it? I’m not sure if I will be getting vaccinated, I would much rather see what happens when the others take it first. I have a few concerns.

One of my concerns is that this vaccine is being rushed out to the public in my opinion. I’m not a guinea pig, so that’s why I stated, I will be waiting to see what happens to the people who get the vaccine the first go round.

Will vaccination be mandatory?

Another big concern I have is that business or similar entities will require proof of vaccination to enter their establishments. I even fear that jobs might require you to be vaccinated in order to work or schools will require children to be vaccinated to attend. I do not want to be forced to be vaccinated. I want it to be my choice.

So will you be taking the Covid-19 vaccine? Leave a comment below. And lastly please everyone continue to wear masks, social distance and be safe. God bless you all, and thank you for the support….

What are your thoughts?

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