Are You Watching The Zeus Network Show, “One Mo Chance”? Well Here’s Why You Should!

Are you struggling to find a good show to watch in the middle of the pandemic? Well I found one that is very entertaining and downright hilarious if you ask me, and it’s on the Zeus Network. It’s called, “One Mo Chance”.

Take a look at the at the trailer featured in the blog post and you will see that the group of women chosen to be a part of the cast is a very diverse bunch.

The fact that the ladies are so diverse makes for some interesting plot twists early on. The first episode will tell you all you want to know if you want to wait to decide if you want to devote time to yet another “reality show”.

Who is Kamal “Chance” Givens?

The new reality show features Kamal “Chance” Givens and Chance is no stranger to shows where multiple people compete for the love interest of one person because he is one of the stars of “I Love New York” and “Real Chance of Love” Seasons One and Two. The basis of the show is finding love for Chance who is coincidentally a rapper, but is not Chance the Rapper, lol.

But a rapper looking for love nonetheless….

Chance and his brother Real, appeared first on the reality show, “I Love New York” after being sought out when a producer saw their MySpace page where they were featuring their music under the name, “Stallionaires”. They were in the group with their other two brothers, but they were clearly the stars.

Chance and Real ended up competing against each other for the love of New York and even though they both lost the competition, their personalities led to them having their own spin off, “Real Chance of Love”. Real, whose real name was Ahmad, died in 2015 from colon cancer. So now Chance is back without his brother Real, but he is not alone. His twin brother Micah is helping him to weed out the right girl for him.

The Ladies…..

The most interesting thing about the show is the selection of ladies. Without giving too much away I will just say there is a elderly woman, BBW, and a transsexual, mixed in with the usual line up of pretty women. I think that this will keep you interested as the differences between the ladies stir up a lot of drama. Here’s a the super trailer….

(Posted on YouTube by The Zeus Network)

So, have you seen the show? Are you a fan? Drop a comment below! By the way, I watch the show and I like it. Let me know if anyone wants me to review the episodes…





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