When This Woman Speaks About the Real Housewives of Potomac, Monique Samuels &Candiace Dillard Fight

So there has been another big altercation that has led to the big fallout and this one is with the ladies of The Real Housewives of Potomac on the Bravo Network. Just in case you need it I have included a clip of the fight. And after you review the fight, I want to move on to the aftermath of the showdown. So after a quick view let’s get to the meet up of the ladies to discuss the fight and that is the real focus of this post.  

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Giselle with security was laughable especially since all the women have at some point in this series showed aggressive moments and problematic sides of their personalities.

I had a lot of respect for Monique for not laughing when Giselle told her she had zero respect for her after her fight with Candiace. The nerve!

Giselle is no saint and hardly the best behaved at all times. She and Robin took rather sanctimonious stands as if they have never showed their behinds on national TV.

I was glad Monique didn’t let her gaslight her into apologizing for being human. They all have seen Candiace go for the jugular with her cutting words. A few of them might be sensing they may be in for the same reaction if they talk slick to Monique. Giselle is one of the cast known to be disrespectful to the point of inciting a strong reaction.

On the latest episode, Monique Samuels and Candiace Dillard discuss at length their feelings concerning the big may lay that took place on a previous episode.

I really felt bad for Candiace when at one point talks of having trauma from being pulled by her hair onto a glass table by a person she considered a “real” friend. And we know what she means. Often on these reality shows the friendships between the women do not always seem very genuine.

I felt sorry for Monique, who was being ganged up on, in my opinion. The only seemingly neutral party was Karen Huger who gave the option to both women to discuss their side at her home although Candiace declined.

Ashley was fair as she knows she has no room to talk because she is highly confrontational. She sympathized with Monique and was willing to hear her out along with Karen but  the others, not so much.

Robin, who forgets her moments of heatedness, was very self righteous, but what I really think is she finally has something to hold over Monique’s head. She seems to have always been jealous of her, why else would you single out Monique as if you never seen Candiace goat a reaction out of someone with her words.

This Is Not a Woman Thing, Everybody Fights Including Men

First of all human beings as a whole don’t always get along I don’t think it’s fair to make that a “woman” thing. I get that a lot of these reality shows feature conflict involving women, but it’s an unfair portrayal of human life. In reality most people would avoid someone they were not getting along with. Sometimes these fights can be anticipated when you are continuously forced to be around someone you do not care for.

The “We as Black Women Argument”

Wendy Osefo made the point that the fight did nothing to help the prevailing image that black women are somehow more violent than any other ethnic group of women.

Okay, Wendy who told you to get on your high horse after all the drama you brought Ashley Darby’s way.  All of the women have had their moments where they have not behaved their best. But let’s remember the other women on all these reality shows regardless of ethnicity have fought and showed times where they were violent.

When You Initiate Physical Contact You Could Provoke a Response

Okay, if I am arguing with someone and they reach across and toss my hair, they should anticipate me punching them.

I mean really. Keep your hands to yourself. We are already arguing and then you want to reach towards my face?

That would put anyone on the defensive.

I honestly feel like when Monique tossed Candace’s hair. She upped the ante and it could have gone a variety of ways. You may want to think you wouldn’t react by punching someone but you never know.

It’s the reason why you shouldn’t initiate physical contact when you are arguing with someone.  So Monique was wrong. We shouldn’t hit people. We just shouldn’t do it. It was verbal so it should not have moved to physical.

Hold up, Candiace Is No Angel

Before you get to thinking I am team Candiace, I’m not. Candiace has to understand that if you egg someone on they will react.

It’s admirable that some people are not fist fighters and they would rather fight with words. But understand fighting with your words is still a fight nonetheless. So saying” Drag me. Monique” in response to Monique threatening to drag you, just might get you dragged Candiace.

You fight with your words, but Monique decided to go upside your head with her fists. It was a fight.

If you didn’t want to be dragged, you could have chosen not to fight with your words. I guarantee you Monique was not going to charge a mute woman. You should have just sipped your wine and not engaged.  

Women who think they can say whatever they want to whoever they want are always surprised when people react in another way. Yes, sometimes you will incite someone to react violently.

So in the end I am advising all women to treat their friends better. We shouldn’t be fighting each other over misunderstandings or hurt feelings. And if we get into a verbal altercation with a friend we shouldn’t engage. Negativity when met with more negativity will only lead to more calamities.    

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