My Top 10 Bad Girls Club Villains: The Bad Girls That Annoyed Us The Most Ranked

One of the shows I have been binge watching since this social distancing has been “Bad Girls Club”, remember this guilty pleasure? If you are a fan of the show and watched it religiously like I did then you are sure to have your favorites and they will have their time to shine. That will be for future posts that I am sure to do for all of the BGC fans. This post is about all of the ones that got on our last nerve with their behaviors and personalities. So, are you ready to stroll down memory lane with the most annoying Bad Girls to hit the series? Well let’s get started shall we?

#10 Annie Anderson

Season four was the season many people started watching Bad Girls Club with the introduction of Natalie Nunn and her catchphrase, “I run L.A.” Yeah that phrase got on my last nerve being from L.A. But do you know who really worked my nerves? Annie.

She was so annoying and I really didn’t understand why she was a Bad Girl unless being manipulative is part of the criteria. She was whiney and boring so yes if you are a fan of this Bad Girl please do us all a favor and explain why.

#9 Mercedies “Benze” Webber

If you are a fan of season eleven, you will be disappointed as there are a few Bad Girls from this season who have made it on to this list. Now Benze was a replacement but went hard as if she started from the beginning and was quick to follow behind the other girls and become a bully. Season 11 had it’s share of bullies but Benze was one of the most pathetic. She was big in acting tough to the point that she is only remembered for being one of the ones most loyal to the pack that barked the most.

#8 Nicole “Nikki” Galladay

Season six had a few annoying Bad Girls but the one I really couldn’t stand was Nikki. She was just strange. She had mannerisms of a tom boy which wouldn’t have been so bad had she not spent so much time trying to get under every ones skin. Her boyish strut with her super duper squared shoulders and goofy grin was way too much. 

One of the most epic beat downs in BGC history was when Wilma beat her senseless only for Nikki to declare, “I never touched you.”

Well duh.

Wilma put hands, feet, and whole body on you and you just took it like the nuisance you are. Yes, you knew you deserved it for all the shenanigans, and boy did Wilma give it to you, Nikki. But that beat down was only one of many L’s that Nikki took. I was really confused why she was on the show other than to give us comic relief. Was she your fav?

Ummm, why?

#7 Lea Beaulieu 

This Bad Girl from season five really showed her behind on the reunion and solidified her spot as one of the most annoying Bad Girls ever.

Her fights with Kristen are some of the best, especially when Kristen punched her point blank in the face. Lea really acted like she ran stuff and I couldn’t stand how Brandi insisted on kissing her behind. Brandi, really? Who was in love with Lea?


The sad thing was Lea had the potential to be one of the best to ever appear on the show but showed how lame she really was in the end. Remember her performance at the reunion?

#6 Jennavecia Russo 

Season two gave us Tanisha and her “pop off” antics. But the Bad Girl I can’t stand from that season was Jennavecia. You know the one who did disgusting things with the food as a prank and had the nerve to be somebody’s mother.


She was just disrespectful as all get out and proud of it. She was an instigator and troll.

AND A RACIST, allegedly.

She was just straight up wack. She was another one I thought at first I was going to like because in her calm moments she came off as laid back and mature. But she showed her true colors in the end and got molly whopped by Tanisha for her troubles.

#5 Milyn “Mimi” Jensen

Another cast member from Season 11 to make a appearance on the list is Mimi. Her fight with Sarah alone makes her one of the punks on this list. She was such a coward she didn’t even show up to the reunion because she didn’t want to face the music after the show aired. Smart move because she had it coming, but I do not advocate for violence, lol.

She was sneaky and manipulative often instigating fights for her own amusement. Her claim to fame was always name dropping and mentioning hooking up with Justin Bieber. She was super annoying and superficial. If she has any fans please explain why. I mean really?

#4 Jazmone “Jaz” Adams

Yes, yet another of season 11, and a girl from LA nonetheless, Jazmone. You do not rep my town, I’m L.A. straight up and I’m not a hater like this screw faced demon.  She is famous for showing the world she has no edges. She was a punk and a bully who basically ran the house and for the life of me I didn’t understand why. Why did everybody let her run the house? She felt entitled to be the center of attention but didn’t pull it off because she was boring.

She hated on Janelle and her thirty inches of weave, but at least Janelle spent money on her hair do. Jazmone didn’t even try. She needed to spend less time hating on girls and more time focusing on her self esteem and self respect.

#3 Gina “Gigi” Lopez

Okay last one from season eleven, I promise. This Bad Girl was a replacement who ran the house because everybody seemed to forget she wasn’t an original. She was just stupid. She gave the hood a bad name with all of her bullying and childishness. 

She didn’t even have the decency to fight Sarah head up at the reunion, she kept jumping on the couch so that she could have the advantage over Sarah.

She was just a joke but that whole season was full of girls who were followers, cowards and bullies. They even had the nerve to come for Rocky who is one of the fan favorites. But Gigi was the worst of the bunch and that says a lot.

#2 Kiyanna “Kiki” Bygrave

This Bad Girl from Season 17 explains why this season was the last. She was straight up annoying, childish, silly and pathetic. Kiki was always whining, instigating and starting stuff because she was boring.

It was sad how many times she ran up on girls to fight only to get dropped each and every time. But the fact that she kept getting molly whopped did not stop her from running her mouth and annoying everyone.

She could have easily made it to be number one based on her behavior at the reunion alone. She kept talking so much they put her off the reunion rather than make us suffer through her another moment.


I was so happy to see her go. Now if anybody should have skipped the reunion it should have been her.

#1 Tabatha “DreamDoll” Robinson

Season 16 was one of the worst seasons of bullying on BGC, besides seasons like eleven. One of the worst was DreamDoll. She has the face of an angel and the character of a female Lucifer. She picked on one girl to the point where she gets kicked off the show.

She was less than remorseful at the reunion and ends up getting dragged by her bright blonde weave. She definitely had it coming for her bullying antics on the show. She will go down as one of the worst Bad Girls and she made it to be on the top of my list. I’m sure by now she should have grown up. I heard her rap and she is decent. So there is hope for her, yet. 

Who is your pick for the annoying Bad Girls? Did you agree with my list? Drop a comment…

What are your thoughts?

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