While Vanessa Bryant’s Mom is Telling It All, Did You Notice Kobe Bryant’s Parents Never Did?

It is being reported that Vanessa Bryant the widow of the late basketball great, Kobe Bryant, has had a falling out with her mother Sofia Laine. It was first reported that Vanessa was leaning on her mother for support after the tragic deaths of both her husband and her 13 year old daughter in a helicopter crash that took the lives of others on January 26, 2020.

Vanessa has dealt with so much this year, I for one hate hear that she is at odds with her mother. It was reported that Ms. Laine was living at the residence of Kobe Bryant that he shared with Vanessa and the couple’s four daughters. But in a Spanish speaking interview that is set to air September 21, 2020 Sofia claims she was kicked out and a vehicle that was given to her by Vanessa was taken back from her.

So now I do have an opinion about the matter and I bet it will be unpopular with many people but it is my opinion nonetheless. I think that Ms. Laine should not be going onto a television show to air out her grievances with her daughter. I am also of the outlook that Vanessa has been through straight hell this year. I couldn’t imagine losing the love of my life, father of my children and to tragically lose my child as well.

It just seems like her mom could find another way to do this. Vanessa has always seemed so private and reserved in her demeanor. With so many associates of celebrities building careers off their celebrity name, we rarely even hear about Vanessa. She pretty much keeps to herself, so for someone else to put her on blast and for it to be her mother seems inappropriate. The loss of Kobe and Gianna Bryant reinforced a very valuable lesson, that we must love each other every minute because we never know when our time on this earth will be up. 

It’s no secret Kobe Bryant was not on the best terms with his parents. Vanessa has been there through it all. After already dealing with something so sensitive in the past, she does not seem like the type to take anything lightly so if she kicked her mother out of the house, I bet she had a good reason. But we will see Monday as Ms. Laine is doing an interview on Univision in Spanish. I hope this interview gets her the desired result because I doubt it will bring her closer to her daughter. And at this point if it doesn’t bring you closer, why do it?

Hmmmm?  I don’t remember the Bryant’s doing a tell all interview, do you? If I’m wrong let me know. Over the years we have seen Kobe have disagreements publicly with his parents, I do not remember them sitting down with interviewers and airing out the private details of their dispute. It all seems so sad and tarnishing to the reputation of a woman who is in need of understanding, support and peace. Will you be watching the interview?

What are your thoughts?

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