The United States Is Not Divided On the Issue Of Police Brutality

I have a difference of opinion from the posts on this subject that you will normally read. I believe that everybody in America is in agreement but they just can’t see it. I’m going to break some things down, so if you want to read my opinion on just where we stand as a country when it comes to the issue of Police Brutality read on and make sure you read until the end because you just might be in agreement with me and if you are leave a comment. And if you aren’t in agreement leave a comment as well but remember to read the whole article before you just read the title and decide to run with that. Whew! That being said, let’s begin…

Nobody wants to live in a country where people are randomly killed for arbitrary reasons. And that is the truth. Imagine a country where you can be killed at any given time by the police just because he decided to. Eventually the killings will move on to him. So the whole of American agrees that the killing of unarmed people is just plain wrong. It’s a big misconception to think that we are divided as a country on that. I know it feels like it. So many people who have their opinions are being quite vocal to the point where many feel divided as a country.

That is because some extreme opinions are going viral and that becomes the narrative. “Black Lives Matter” is not an extreme opinion but when it is being screamed by people who are also looting you feel like yes that situation is extreme. “White Lives Matter” is not a extreme opinion but when it is screamed by people spitting on people in stores when asked to wear a mask you feel like yes that situation is extreme. It’s because these extreme situations occur and then someone screams “All Lives Matter” and then you feel some type of way instead of focusing on the idea of what is being said. The truth is politics cannot be put aside when you are associating behaviors with ideology. The extreme behaviors associated with the sayings people scream out makes you take a side against extreme behavior and I want to bring you back to what is really important, the ideology.

All Lives Matter When Black Lives Matter

Black people die during routine traffic stops. Black People die while unarmed and hand cuffed. Black people die while being instructed to reach for their driver’s license. Black people comply and are promptly shot. White people do not have that same experience. Its why screaming “White Lives Matter” is unnecessary. We live in a country where it’s a given that White lives matter. Anytime a White individual is taken safely into custody after having a shoot out with the police but an unarmed Black man is shot half a dozen times for blinking too fast, yes there is no need to scream “White Lives Matter”. But yet there are people that do it. Racists love to scream it knowing full well the impact it has.

What about the argument that “All Lives Matter”? When a Black Man gets a forty year to life sentence for killing a dog and a White woman gets ten years for killing a Black man screaming “All Lives Matter” is just plain stupid. I mean there conservatorships, grants and activists for the endangered species but Black men and women are systematically killed and there are crickets, I mean barely a mention. So how does all life matter when Black lives don’t matter? Too many White men got away with killing Black men for no other reason given than they were scared. No punishment needed. No punishment given. So screaming “All Lives Matter” is an insult no matter how well meaning. It’s because you see someone scream “Black Lives Matter” you feel the need to say “White Lives Matter” and “All Lives Matter”. The most accurate thing to say is “All Lives Matter When Black Lives Matter”.

There is a real danger to allowing the Police to kill citizens at will. Do you think it only happens to Blacks? The truth is the police are so reckless they kill people of all races, creeds and ethnicities. Immigrants are often harassed and women of all colors man handed and beaten. Yes there are good police but dang, the bad ones are just allowed to run around arbitrarily harassing, beating and killing. So if All Lives Matter that means we need to get the issue of police brutality under control and now that you see a different opinion I think you would agree. Yes it may be happening to Black people the most it does happen to others as well; the police in America have the potential to brutalize anyone. So we all are in agreement we do not want to live in a country where people can be arbitrarily killed.    

Another truth is our leaders have failed to properly train and vet law enforcement. So its time to vote in new leadership because from the beginning the country was sick and built to be a Utopia for the White man, with everybody else subjugated to him, including the White woman who still is not truly his equal. But the truth is, nobody including White men want to live in a country where people are randomly killed for arbitrary reasons. Eventually the killings will move on to him. So the whole of American agrees that the killing of unarmed people is just plain wrong. It’s a big misconception to think that we are divided as a country on that.

But slowly with the help of everybody coming together to combat the ills that ail us, we were actually beginning to Unite and do amazing things as a country. Everybody was moving towards becoming the cooperative melting pot image being real. Yes we were still filled with the sicknesses that infected us in the past but getting better takes time.

Some people don’t want us to grow and get healthy as a country.  And nobody has been more vocal against us getting better than Donald Trump and his Republican Party who no matter what he does or says lick the mud off his very dirty boots. Donald Trump is so uneducated and ignorant is downright embarrassing to watch him stand in front of the American people and lie. His racism is disgusting. His sexism is revolting. It’s a huge misconception to think he loves America and wants it to be great again. America was on its way to being great when you began your reign of divisiveness and the Republicans have let you do it. Well I for one will not let you get away with it. I will vote some better leaders in who else is with me?

The deadline to register to vote in time to make a difference in the 2020 is fast approaching. If you haven’t registered yet, what are you waiting for? The people in power in this country need a message sent. Dignity needs to be restored to the people. Once again we need to continue to progress towards true democracy not the hypocritical b. s. that has been perpetuated for the entire existence of The United States of America. If we look a mess, it is because we are a mess. This need to stop because this country is a hot mess of racism, sexism, classism, and all the divisive ideology that makes us really stay apart. Let’s unite….its time. If You Are Tired Of Living in the Divided States of America, You Better Vote Them All Out November 3rd

But what do I know? I’m just a bootleg sociologist who nobody will listen to so I started a blog……….

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