The Truth About Coco Chanel and Her Infamous Luxury Brand Will Make You Rethink Buying The Chanel Label

It’s no secret that the founder of the company and mega label, Chanel was an anti-Semitic “sack of you know what.” But for some reason it’s rarely ever spoken about. Well its true, Coco Chanel was one of the French women who betrayed France by actively supporting the reprehensible Nazi Party. Yeah. The founder of Chanel was a supporter of Adolf Hitler and she herself was against the Jewish population of Europe. Makes you want to pour her high priced perfume right down the bathroom sink, huh?

The nerve of this company to have survived long enough to try to bury then outlive their Nazi Party connection! Well nope, today you will know the truth. Because if more people knew the truth, instead of being associated with symbols of luxury and excess, Chanel would be seen as it should be seen, as a symbol of White supremacy and classism.

In the 40’s, as punishment for sleeping with German soldiers, French women were shaved and paraded naked in the streets, while being taunted for sleeping with the disgusting Nazi’s. I think that was a horrible way to be treated. But its no secret why Coco Chanel escaped that fate despite actively supporting the Nazi’s, spying for the Nazi’s, sleeping with Nazi’s, campaigning and promoting the Nazi agenda, she seemingly was unharmed by her unethical pursuits.

Born with the name, Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel, Coco Chanel didn’t come from money. But when we look at the poor people around today it’s hard to imagine a time when healthcare, food, shelter, clothing and all around well being was not guaranteed by the government. But she was born in 1883, and went through extreme poverty as a child. She has a really impressive rags to riches story, were it not a story laced with drug use, racism, classism, and other wanton acts. For a lady who makes clothes that exude class, she really was a classless person.

It’s no wonder she supposedly died alone with only servants at her bedside. I don’t know a lot of bigots who are a barrel of laughs. As racists age they tend to become bitter inside and lash out at others as a way of flexing their self perceived authority over others. I mean honestly, who would want to be around that?

Being a young woman when she started to make money she had lots of opportunities to settle down and have children. It seems like she just had a bunch of long term affairs with men that while they were high in terms of social status, they were morally lacking. And she being a typical follower abandoned her roots as a person who started off as a underdog. She wasn’t born with much real privilege but she used her superficial White privilege to support a in human force of demons called the Nazis.

And we know what the Nazis did to the Jews. They forced them into the position of underdog before they sought to destroy them all. This woman was a spy, confidant, activist and bedmate of German aristocracy yet no one paraded her naked through the streets. Nary was a hair touched on her toxic little head. She hated Jews, Homosexuals, poverty, and basically lived her life supporting stupidity. To add insult to injury and she used money and influence from being a successful brand owner to do it. She was a horrible person who used money to oppress and punish the Jews for existing.

And Coco was crafty enough to associate herself with the men of upper echelons of society. She had money, prestige and powerful associations to keep her reputation stellar and help her get out of real consequences for being a dirt bag. In 1939 she closed her fashion house to pursue her life of persecuting others. When she came back in 1954 she distanced herself from her Nazi past. So did you know the Chanel label supported Hitler?

Today the Chanel handbag, jewelry, clothing, etc. are all sought after, but not many know about the its connection to a dark time in history.

Okay so now you know. What are you going to do about it?

The least you can do is not support the label. Luxury brands want to be associated as being unattainable. Well being racist is not unattainable. Luxury brands want to be known as being classy and expensive. There is nothing more common and classless as hating other people for superficial reasons, and the actively seeking to oppress and exterminate them as if they were household pests.

If a peaceful symbol like the swastika is now associated with hate and violence, is it farfetched that the Chanel label should have the same connotation? Makes you wonder why it doesn’t, right?

But what do I know? I’m just a bootleg sociologist who nobody will listen to so I started a blog……….

What are your thoughts?

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