The Rise of “Karen” and the Entitlement Behaviors People Use to Abuse Essential Workers

One of the things that this COVID-19 pandemic has shown is that when put under pressure, Americans will become unhinged. It seems like all the crazies are being caught behaving badly, and while it is sometimes entertaining, most of the interactions caught on video is cringe worthy but predictable. And there are soooo many videos surfacing of people refusing wear masks, or saying inappropriate things and just all around acting like fools on these viral videos on social media.

Some people would like to believe that “Karen” is a woman who exhibits entitled behavior and uses manipulative tactics to get her way, but we see that these behaviors do not only come from women but they also are exhibited by men as well. These viral videos are proof that entitled behavior is on the rise in America as people of both genders are seen harassing and abusing essential workers.

They assault and demean the very people who serve the communities and the public are targets for a lot of abusive behaviors these people like to heap on others. How frustrating it must be to be at work, minding your business trying to earn a living when a narcissistic bully comes to get their kicks off verbally demolishing a cashier or service worker. It is really getting ridiculous too because whole You Tube channels have sprung up because there are so many videos going viral of the public spectacles these “Karen’s” make.

As time goes on, we see that many of the people in these videos have had to face the embarrassment of people they know seeing them tripping, and behaving badly. Every since the misbehavers have been made to face consequences for the mayhem they cause; they swat at the phones, or hide their faces, to be filmed. Yeah, they should be embarrassed and ashamed of themselves. It’s never cool to have to deal with entitled people. They are exhausting and require a lot of attention. Because they are so annoying they don’t usually have quality relationships so they roam around bitter just waiting for the chance to make others as miserable as they target strangers to bully.

It’s not that they don’t understand rules; it’s just that they feel they are above following them. They will argue with a sign post if it told them to stop, that’s how defiant entitled people are. They will cause public disturbances and then call the police as if they are the victims, and then they will expect the police to not issue any consequences to them for their role in the disturbance. I always get a little satisfaction when they end up going to jail for their antics. I bet all the service workers they harass get a little too.

They have a variety of tactics to try to use to get their way. They will continue to argue mute points. They love to bully service workers and customer service I want the manager because she wants to talk you to death. They hope that if they exhaust you with continuous minutia you will give in. I saw a viral video where a woman sat at a drive thru window for over thirty minutes refusing to drive up so other customers could be served because she wanted her window done correctly. She was asked repeatedly to move up so that her remade sandwich could be brought out to her and then other customers in the drive through could be served.            

She apparently had been at the location getting food, complaining to corporate, and then getting the food for free. So she keeps coming to the location using a card where the food was credited on, so it ends up being a vicious circle of her getting food for free just to complain to get more free food. Whew! What sense does that make? She literally tells the manager that she goes to the location across town because she has no problems there…..but why do you keep coming back to this location?! Oh yes, the free food. So the poor woman in the window had to deal with this adult brat while the other customers had to wait just because she needed her daily dose of ALL OF THE ATTENTION.

People are used to being able to complain and then getting accommodated especially if they yell or throw a tantrum.

I used to work for a major rental car company making reservations and trust me that was interesting. You would be surprised how many people feel entitled to something that is expensive and they cannot afford. After hearing the price instead of declining to rent, they demand a discount. So many expect to rent for free or some absurdly cheap amount just because they are seniors or students.

They love to complain about the price of things imagine the nerve you must have to question prices, yet people do it all the time. “How much does it cost to rent your cheapest car for a week?” It seems like no matter what the price they are told, they will shout, “How come it costs so much?!” Omg. If a sane person cannot afford to rent a car, that would be the end of the conversation.

But not with entitled people, imagine being the person on the receiving end of an inbound phone call from a person who cannot afford something they feel that they for whatever reason they should have. All they know is they want to go on vacation, or their grandma is sick and need to drive across the state to see her, or their car is suddenly unexpectedly in the shop. They get the bright idea that they will pick up the phone and rent a car. Never mind they only have a pay card, or a little cash they feel that a company should bend over backwards to allow them to use their property worth thousands of dollars for practically nothing. “You can’t give me a better price than that?” Whew!

Imagine being the person that is paid to book reservations. You don’t own the company but are constantly harassed. “Oh come on, couldn’t you give me a better price?” Some of the comments are really rude and some people curse at the agent when they are told that that is the price. And trust me, you would be surprised how indignant people become when trying to rent a car but do not have the means to do so.

They complain about the business but still expect service. You know the type. They complain about the food at a restaurant but still want to eat the food at the restaurants. They will loudly announce, “Every time we come here the tables are always dirty! Right honey?” But stand in line only to say, “Yeah let me get a number 3.”

Wearing Mask Ordinances Has Brought “Karen” To the Forefront

When it come to the ordinances some locations have that require people to wear masks due to the ongoing pandemic “Karen” have come out to show how entitled and ignorant they can really act in public spaces. They videotape themselves refusing to respect the rules an private establishment have regarding the wearing of masks, and scream about their constitutional rights not to wear masks. What do your civil liberties have to do with the right a business has to refuse service?

If you are refused service, go somewhere else. Let’s be clear, whenever someone is running an establishment asks you leave an establishment and you don’t, you are trespassing. They should be prosecuted for trespassing because you should leave when told to. They should have the police called on them, they should be ticketed and if they continued face jail time. Have you seen the videos or encountered a “Karen”? Drop a comment below.

A Plea on the Behalf of Essential Workers…..

We need the people who stock the shelves, deliver our food, supervise our children and do services for us. It makes no sense to target them for abuse and they are vulnerable to mistreatment from entitled people and bullies. If you see someone harassing them, speak up! And let’s remember to be nice to each other during these stressful times. Thank you essential workers! You are appreciated.

What are your thoughts?

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