You Tube Spotlight: The Rise of Blippi

As soon as my grandson hears the opening song, he comes running from wherever he may be squealing with delight, “So much to learn about, it will make you want to shout, Blippi!”

I had never heard of Blippi, but after watching my grandson? I am very, very familiar. He loves the You Tuber and after hours of watching it with him, I must admit I like him too. His songs are catchy so you kind of do not mind playing them over and over again. Everybody in my family has a favorite, mine happens to be the train song, lol.

So what exactly is Blippi? An educational show for young children that is on You Tube, have you ever seen it?

Blippi is a character played by a thirty two year old whose real name is Stevin John it is said he started creating the videos due to a lack of educational content that he deemed higher quality. In January of 2014 he started airing his videos on You Tube and currently his videos have over a billion views.

He is very popular outside of You Tube as well. He wears these blue and orange shoes, sometimes they are K-Swiss, sometimes they are Nikes, but whatever brand you try to buy, the Blippi shoes are sold out. Really, most of his merchandise is regularly sold out on He has clothing, shoes, toys, coloring books and more.

So just in case you have a toddler but haven’t checked him out, I think his channel would be worth checking out. I usually just let a compilation of his songs play and my grandson and I sing along to them. He also has videos of him visiting museums, amusement parks and other places where children play. He has videos about colors, numbers, animals and shapes.  His videos are numerous and he currently goes live and puts out new content. Blippi even has a video where he teaches children how to do maintenance on a car!   

He is currently selling tickets for his live shows that are coming back in 2021. If we ever get out of this deadly pandemic I plan on taking my grandchildren if it is at all safe. My grandson is going to lose his mind! Here is one of his songs and if you have an active toddler check him out.  You can thank me later:

(Posted on You Tube by Blippi)

He is currently on his way to having almost 9 million subscribers, let’s see if we can get him there!

What are your thoughts? 

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