My Mini versus Battle: T.I. vs. 50 Cent Who Won? You Decide…

Lately since many entertainers cannot perform due to the pandemic, there has been a series of battles of their catalogs aired on the Internet. So when T.I challenged 50 Cent to a battle on July 6th, I was kind of disappointed 50 didn’t take the challenge. And if anyone knows me, I am a diehard 50 cent fan, but I go hard for T.I. too. This is not about how I feel about them personally because both of them are problematic. This is about the music so I fell they should of done it for the fans.

First of all, I am a fan of both rappers, I think they would have an epic battle but apparently 50 didn’t agree. Here is what T.I. said:

(Posted on You Tube by KDTV Urban News)

And 50 Cent responded in his normal fashion, he posted T.I. on a crime stopper video and stated:

“yo somebody passed TI the weed they gave smokey in Friday. LOL” (Instagram)

A slew of people decided to also join in to clown T.I. but no need to dwell on the negativity…..

I’d rather focus on the battle of which T.I. is definitely worthy. Both of these men have a lot of hits but I won’t post 40 videos. (20 each as T.I requested.) But I will post 6 videos with each rapper having 3 songs each.

Now I know this is not a real versus battle, usually you have the artists going head to head and picking their own songs. And there are usually a bunch of them and that’s why I called it a “mini” versus battle.

I am giving T.I. the respect of answering the challenge for 50 which is me overstepping my boundaries, but I’m a fan, so in my mind we deserve this battle. Are you ready?

There are 3 rounds and each song goes head to head. Best 2 out of the 3 wins the battle. I will not give my results unless asked in the comments…..let’s go! And may the best rapper win…..

ROUND 1 Bring Em Out T.I.

(Posted on You Tube by Atlantic Records)

In Da Club 50 Cent

(Posted on You Tube by 50 Cent)


U Don’t Know Me T.I.

(Posted on You Tube by Atlantic Records)

Baby By Me 50 Cent

(Posted on You Tube by 50 Cent)


Top Back Remix T.I.

(Posted on You Tube by Unearthed Sound)

I Get Money Remix 50 Cent

(Posted on You Tube by Frank Frank)

So this is my picks for the battle do you agree with them? Who do you believe won the battle?

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50 Cent Responds To T.I. Verzuz Battle Challenge: “Somebody Passed Him The Weed They Gave Smokey In Friday”

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