Bringing You a West Coast Throwback: “Crackerjack” and “Nothing but a Fan” The Forgotten N.W.A. Diss Songs

Does anyone remember “Crackerjack” because now I am showing my age, but I love Hip Hop history and I don’t want to be the only “old-head” in the bunch. Plus I rep where I was born, and that’s Southern California, and just like the other regions of the United States, California has its own brand of rap.

When you talk about old school West Coast Rap, everybody knows the legendary group N.W.A. Their music is timeless, and over time they went from underground to mainstream. I remember when their cassette tapes were on sale in the Compton Swap Meet, which is now of all things a Wal-Mart.

I remember waiting on Sunday for 1580 KDAY to stop playing gospel music and start playing rap songs. I used to trick my grandma because she was a diehard Christian, so I would say, “See granny its church music” and when she went on about her business, there I was waiting for them to switch to rap with the volume super low. You best believe one of the songs in rotation was, “Nothing But A Fan” and “Crackerjack”, both are N.W.A. diss tracks.

There were a few times N.W.A. got dissed in rap songs, but for some reason these songs are never mentioned. Well today I am mentioning it, not because I want to diss N.W.A. who by the way I absolutely love but because it’s a lost segment of history, and the songs still bang to this day.

Remember the line in “Compton’s In the House”, when its said, “What do call a crew that can rap like that?” Well this is who that song is referring to and they are not wack in my opinion and after all these years the song still bangs.

The Beef between N.W.A and Romeo& Master Rhyme

Supposedly the beef started with Eazy E and Master Rhyme who both went to Manuel Arts Senior High, which is a high school in Los Angeles. So the two crews began to trade disses on several songs, but I bet many people don’t know this. So with any beef you have to leave it up to the fans with who won. So yes, in hip hop standards N.W.A and Eazy E won, because most do not know who DJ Romeo and Master Rhyme are but they are dope too. Here are the two diss songs and you decide:

(Posted on You Tube by Delicious Vinyl)

(Posted on You Tube by romeo and rhyme)

So what are you favorite West Coast Throwbacks, and do you remember these?

What are your thoughts?

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