In the Battle of the Chicken Sandwich Burger King Won

So currently Popeye’s is trying to reignite the interest in their chicken sandwich by offering free chicken codes. Have you tried their sandwich? Remember how bananas people went over it. People literally died, got assaulted and cursed out over it so it must be the best chicken sandwich in the world right? Not! Don’t get me wrong, it is good. It was months of me waiting just to taste it but by the time I finally found a restaurant that had one, and tried it I thought it was good but not worth losing your life over.

So months later many fast food chains have given us chicken sandwiches in an effort to compete but have not gotten the publicity that Popeye’s has gotten. There is a fast food chain that has a better sandwich and it is Burger King. Their spicy chicken sandwich is hands down one of the best, have you tried it because it is really good.

No need for the spicy aioli, because it is the actual chicken patty that is spicy. But the sweet bun, oh my goodness is it good. I mean the bun is straight up delicious. I saw some online reviews about it and many people said that they didn’t like the bun because it was sweet but that was the thing that kicked it off to me. The sandwich is a sweet and spicy mix and lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise to cool it down. And you need a cooling agent because the patty is truly spicy, the way Popeye’s should be.

The Popeye’s chicken sandwich is bulky. The chicken is way to large for you to get that perfect bite. But the Burger King sandwich allows you to get a uniform flavor throughout the eating experience. I have tried Wendy’s chicken sandwich and I didn’t care for it. McDonalds has a great sandwich but it just did not give me what Burger King did. So if their was a battle of the chicken sandwich Burger King won.

What are your thoughts?

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