Have a Moment for the Goddess; Remembering Ambassador, Zindzi Mandela

South Africa is mourning the death of the Zindzi Mandela who is the daughter of Nelson and Winnie Mandela, and I would like to extend my condolences and take a moment to remember her. By all accounts she was loved and well respected by her people. So let’s have a moment for her because I think it is well deserved.

Zindzi was an activist and she came by it honestly, both of her parents fought against the mistreatment of the Black majority by the White minority that had and have power in South Africa. She had the presence of mind to reject the normalization of the discrimination of the South African people and to join her parents in the fight against apartheid which is the systematic oppression and discrimination of the Black South Africans and the South West African people. Living in a country where speaking out could mean you could be jailed, beaten and even killed.

She was 18 months when her father, Nelson Mandela went to prison for 27 years due to his activism for his people. Her mother was frequently arrested and jailed due to her activism on behalf of her people. As a child she was unable to be educated due to being banished. Zindzi was affected by this and became an activist and spoke out against apartheid as well. She eventually was able to later continue her education, but the seeds of activism had been sown and her political career began with her speaking out against the treatment of her father who was wrongly incarcerated.

In 1985 she boldly rejected the offer to release her father from prison if he denounced the actions of his members of his movement, making her a hero to her people. She was a brave woman to live in a place where speaking out against injustice had serious repercussions and in my eyes that makes her a warrior. She even demanded that the White minority return the land they took over from her people, telling them that she was not afraid of what they would do to her.

She was a talented poet and her work have been published and enjoyed by the world. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in law and from 1996 to 1998 she served as the first lady of South Africa. She served four years as the ambassador to Denmark on behalf of South Africa. He accomplishments were done with her being defiant in the face of criticism and scrutiny, she never once backed down and always stood up for the Black South Africans and people facing oppression.

If you want to check out her poems here is a link where you can find some of her works:


Zindzi died on July 13, 2020 in a Johannesburg hospital but no cause of death has been given. I for one had never heard of her or her accomplishments but when I did, I was proud. I love when women fight against the unfair treatment of others, especially women of color who are often considered the lowest in society. She is proof that you must serve and lead fearlessly, and it is understood why she is well respected. It takes courage to continue a movement that has left many imprisoned and dead. She could have stayed quiet but she spoke out, and that is inspirational.

So let’s honor her by continuing to speak out against racial injustices that continue to happen worldwide and not let fear have us hold out tongues. Thank you for being an inspiration to me Ms. Mandela and may you rest in power, because you did well in this life and you are appreciated.

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