The biggest things that happen so far in 2020: A teen’s perspective

This is a guest post written by a guest writer who is age 15. I asked him to write about the year so far from a teenage male perspective

Post is written by J.  Palmer (age 15)

2020 started off and continued to be hectic from wildfires to almost having WWS to coronavirus swarming all over forcing social distancing into quarantine. One thing after continued for four months not mention aliens being confirmed with UFO sightings, murder hornets, the death of Kobe Bryant who was a big influencer. That was four months we haven’t even gotten to the side effects or what took place next due to our President lack of Democracy and idiot mindset of trying to own a powerhouse country as a business we ran into issues. Let’s start with coronavirus the biggest problem in the world you would think that our President would try to handle the situation in a way to keep his citizens safe and not struggling but instead he is worried about the economical issues trolling about the seriousness of the situation. Think about what is more important our safety or funds. The next big topic being George Floyd indict this big problem in America when you can kill someone for no reason and people around have to watch and you get little to no jail time. As of today we have so many protests going on behind what happened and its important because it’s the year we are all changing because states are changing laws where the victim of police brutality can sue personally and I feel on a federal level we should make it to where we can come for them personally and the citizen around to jump in to prevent what we so often it is murder. We as people shouldn’t feel under attack especially after we made this country. From this we have protests where police shoot rubber bullets and pepper spraying protesters. With this another big topic our President can fix majority of the issues but rather go back and forth on Twitter and worrying about the economy and being re-elected.

What are your thoughts?   Do you agree with anything that was said?

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