Naya Rivera is missing; Prayers Going up as the Search continues For the Glee Star

It is being reported that at Lake Piru in Filmore , California, on July 8, 2020, Naya Rivera was declared a missing person and is presumed dead after her four-year-old son was found alone in Rivera’s rented boat. Here is a video about the incident that is currently underway;

(Posted on You Tube by the Hollywood Reporter)

Although it is now being said that 33 year old, Rivera is assumed to be dead, I would like to hold out hope that they will still find her. She has a lot of fans hoping for her to be found safe and sound but there is another reason I hold out hope. She has a four year old son named, Josey Dorsey, that will certainly need her in his life. She was said to be close to her son and we know he will be affected should Rivera not be found or be found dead. He was found sleeping in the boat after the rented boat was not returned. He was found unharmed and in good condition.

Naya Rivera is a talented actress most known for her role on Glee as Santana Lopez from 2009 to the year 2015. She also is well known for her role on the third season of Devious Maids where she played, Blanca Alvarez.

Naya just has one son from her previous marriage, she was divorced in 2018.

Will you be joining me and many others as we pray for her safe return to her son, family and friends? Did anyone see her in any of in the role of Santana Lopez or Blanca Alvarez? Would you like me to keep you updated on this developing story?

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