The new season of LOVE& MARRIAGE HUNTSVILLE will start on 7/11/2020 on THE OWN NETWORK will you be watching?

Good news for those of you struggling to find new television shows to watch, season two of Love& Marriage Huntsville will be starting this Saturday. I caught the first season and was surprised at how the season ended up.

It started with three couples that were friends who said they were going to make a fortune together under the name of “The Comeback Group” and doing real estate ventures together. This led to a roller coaster first season that had people talking. While they may have started off as friends the season ended with two of the couple’s estranged from the others.

So now there is a new season and here is the trailer:

(Posted on You Tube by OWN)

I wonder will the second season be heavy with signs that we are in a pandemic. While I like this show, I personally cannot wait until “Ready to Love” comes back from their hiatus.

What are your thoughts?

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