The Right Side of the Face Knows What the Left Side of the Face is Doing….

Human beings communicate in a variety of ways. Facial expressions are another way human beings express themselves. Our faces are the way we figure out the way some one is feeling, but looks can be deceiving especially when it is somewhat intentional.

According to Joe Navarro, some looks on the human face makes other human beings uncomfortable. In the article, “Chirality: A Look at Emotional Asymmetry of the Face” he writes about this. If you want to check out his article on Psychology Today, the link is in the references below.

A lot of theories have come to explain, the right side of the face is known to be the true expression and the left side is the false expression of self. When both sides of the face have the same expression that is called symmetry and if you smile on one side then you smile on the other.

But this post is about hidden facial expressions and these are picked up by humans on a subconscious level. Something is fishy, is what the brain says, why? You are being deceived or someone is trying to deceive you.

While having conflicting emotions on the face does not mean deception, I think I have chosen two examples where the real emotion is attempted to be hiding with a false emotion causing a disturbing facial expression for the situation or circumstances.

Looks of Contempt on the Mug

In the article Navarro used a mug shot to illustrate his point. Using Drew Peterson as his example he showed two conflicting emotions on the convicted murderers face. I have decided to use pictures to illustrate my point as well.

But I need to give you the background for the mug shot that I will examine. The crime story is old but relevant. The one I will highlight is……


The Killing of Yolanda Holmes

By all accounts successful Chicago businesswoman, Yolanda Holmes spoiled and lavished money and material goods on her son Qaw’mane Wilson, but it wasn’t enough. Despite having the love of his mother and living a comfortable life, he plotted to have his mother killed. In 2012 a hitman killed his mother in her home and at first it was thought Ms. Holmes was just another victim of the senseless gun violence gripping the city of Chicago. Wilson is shown speaking on a televised broadcast at a demonstration against gun violence ironically denouncing the killing of his mother publicly. But privately onlookers noticed that something wasn’t right. For someone greiving his mother’s death, he seemed quite happy as he went through her money like crazy.


There are videos of him seeming to celebrate at time when he should be mourning, but instead he is seen in public “making it rain” on total strangers that he called “fans”, because he was a known personality and aspiring rapper called, Young QC.

This occurred all at a time when police were investigating the murder of his mother, business owner, Yolanda Holmes. Even after he was caught according to witnesses he showed no remorse. Check out his face.

(Whole face) When you see the whole face there are conflicting emotions do you see it here?

(Left side false) Now let’s look at the left side of the face which is said to be the false side of the face. He somewhat looks contrite if we view the left side as if it was the whole face. Do you see that here?



(Right side true) Now let’s look at the right side of the face which is said to be the true side of the face. He looks different at all if we view the right side as if it was the whole face. I see happiness in his eyes and he is definitely smiling, the true look of a person who is enjoying the attention which supposedly he had the reputation of always seeking attention. Do you see that here?

Now do you see? For all the fake contriteness that is being shown on the left side of the face, the right side of the face shows happiness. Young QC had just been living up his life; he doesn’t really feel sadness over the death of his mother. After orchestrating the killing of his mother he could care less that she is dead because that was what he wanted, do you agree?

Have you ever got the feeling someone were trying to deceive you with their facial expression? What was the expression? Was it a smirk or another look of contempt?

(To get the results I downloaded the whole face pictures onto my cell phone. I have the app “Facial Symmetry”. It allows you to see the left side and right side of the face as the whole face.)

But what do I know? I’m just a bootleg sociologist who nobody will listen to so I started a blog……….

What are your thoughts?

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