Jeffrey Epstein’s girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell has finally been arrested I wonder what secrets she has to tell us

Well it’s about time. Finally, one of the other of the group of deviants involved with convicted child predator, Jeffrey Epstein, and his myriad of atrocities, has been arrested. So what stories will she tell? I want her to tell everything that she; her evil boyfriend did to the victims of their depravity. Then I want her to pay for whatever she contributed to the sick and twisted things that she perpetrated.

On July 2,2020 Maxwell was arrested in New Hampshire and she was charged with six federal crimes in connection with the procuring of minors for Epstein and his friends and perjury.

It sure has been a long time coming for the victims, and I hate to say alleged so I say victims, without discrediting their stories by saying allegedly. I have seen enough of the victims telling the stories to know they are not making false allegations. Something horrible went on after all Epstein had been previously convicted. And in the effort of fairness, because that is what real justice is, fair, we need a trial. I am confident that if trial takes place there will be a conviction in connection with sexual abuse that I believe Maxwell also participated in.

These victims need to be made whole. I’m not naïve enough to think that a conviction will make everything better for them because it will take a lot to recover, but at this point, nothing has really been done about their statements of sexual abuse at the hands of a billionaire predator and his powerful perverted friends. A trial most definitely needs to happen, because when all the guilty parties are held accountable, then we can see that the judgment is fair. At this point, nobody has gone to trial and that’s blatantly unfair.

Who are the friends? I mean we have seen the pictures of Epstein. I want to know who else took part in the abuse, and I know Ghislaine definitely can tell us and a court of law about it.

There have been many years of many people telling stories about Jeffrey Epstein, his powerful friends and countless underage girls. And in the pictures there is Ghislaine, smiling next to him. There were stories about her getting girls, knowing about girls, doing things…yeah, she knows a lot. And these new victims won’t get justice in court with Epstein because he is dead.

But she can surely sit behind bars rotting away, while the victims split up her fortune. Not exactly whole, but I think anyone would agree it’s better than nothing. And that’s what they have right now, nothing. The key player in this tale of injustice is dead. Jeffrey Epstein died months ago, and Maxwell is the only person who has been charged with a crime connected to his victims. Maxwell has long been accused of procuring and trafficking underage girls for Jeffrey Epstein.

There are concerns with her committing suicide before she is able to be brought to trial, because that would be the same fate that Jeffrey Epstein met. Epstein was found dead in his cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center on August 10, 2019 from what was ruled a suicide. The New Hampshire Jail where Maxwell is being held has seperated her from other inmates and she is constantly monitored, according to reports from Yahoo News.

Here is a video on what it is believed she did:

(Posted on You Tube by ABC News)

I just hope she goes to trial and the other accomplices are brought to justice as well.

What are your thoughts?

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