Giving You a Delicious Summer Throwback: How to make Frozen Cups (also known as New Orleans Huckabucks)

A “Huckabuck” is a sweet frozen treat that is traditionally sold in New Orleans and made in certain parts of the South. In other parts of the United States it may be called a Home-made Icee, or Frozen Cups, but whatever the name it is delicious. If you grew up eating a version of this recipe drop a comment. While I grew up calling it another name I still make frozen cups for myself all the time. I was fascinated it is called, “Huckbuck” and still served in New Orleans as a traditional menu item native to that area.

If you want to make this tasty dessert it is very simple and does not cost a lot of money either. That is a great thing to know if you are trying to save money. So here is a recipe for the economical and yummy Frozen Cup.

How to make Frozen Cups

First you need to make a batch of sugared water to add the flavored Kool-Aid to. To make a batch of flavored sugared water to need:

4 quarts of water

3 cups of Sugar

4 Packages of Tropical Punch Flavored Kool-Aid (Can use any variety you would like)

In a large pot add the water, stir in sugar and stir over medium heat until the sugar is well dissolved into the water. Let the water start to cool then stir in Kool-aid. When mixture has cooled down you can then pour into into the plastic cups. Depending on the size of cup that is how many frozen cups you will have. Freeze cups for at least 18 to 24 hours.

The contents are usually served upside down if you use a plastic cup. You simply gently press the bottom of the cup and flip the contents upside down like this:

If a foam cup is used just scoop out some of the treat with a spoon, either way its still a great way to beat the heat.

I advise you to play with the ingredients by adding more or less sugar and more or less Kool-aid in order to get your right flavor. You can add candy before freezing or even chopped fruit.

What frozen treats have you been eating to help you keep cool this summer? Ever had a Huckabuck or a Frozen Cup? What name did the version of this treat have if you have tried it…

What are your thoughts?

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