COVID-19 Is In Full Swing So What Kinds of Covering or Face Masks Will Keep You Safe?

Every day the numbers are rising, and more and more people are getting the novel COVID-19 strain of the coronavirus. Yet you have all these people who are choosing not to social distance and not to wear masks. And if you are one of those people, then this post is not for you. This post is for those of us would like to see this pandemic end, without getting sick and definitely not dying. So if you are one of the people who are covering up in an effort not to spread or catch the coronavirus, read on….

First, just in case you didn’t know much about it, I will discuss just what it is we need to protect ourselves from. This virus is deadly. But even if it doesn’t kill you, it’s not just as simple as taking some cold medicine and getting a goodnights rest. It will put you in the hospital so the fact that people are taking it lightly amazes me.

The Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 Symptoms

There is a list of symptoms of COVID-19 listed on the CDC website. In its mildest form this strain can be like having a cold or the flu but some of these symptoms will be severe. So if you start to have symptoms its best to stay away from others and keep in mind it gets worse before it gets better. It is advised that people quarantine themselves for at least fourteen days when they have come in contact with the virus. Here are the symptoms:

Fever or chills


Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing


Muscle or body aches


New loss of taste or smell

Sore throat

Congestion or runny nose

Nausea or vomiting


This virus is so cold blooded that before people finally perish they go into respiratory failure. What a way to die, literally gasping for breath. I wouldn’t wish that on anybody. I feel so bad for all the people who have passed away from COVID-19.  

Be advised, this strain is new, and they are trying to learn more about it so they can combat it better. Until then we are being asked to social distance, stay 6 feet away from others, only go out if it is essential, keep our hands clean and yes, wear facial coverings. So what will be ineffective and your best defense against the virus?


Okay, it is advised that we wear a mask when we are in close proximity of people in public. Some of these are more convenient to find than others now that the pandemic has worn on longer. It is much easier to find some, but trust me something is always better than nothing.

Sponge Mask and Cloth Masks

These are the masks that are basically fashionable. They do not provide the best protection but let me reiterate, something is better than nothing. These coverings do slow transmission of fluids and particle spray from the human mouth and nose. So if you don’t have a mask, grab a scarf in a pinch. Also cloth masks are reusable so just wash them after every use to get the best out of this type of mask.

Activated Carbon Mask

This is better than the previous masks. A mask with a carbon filter increases oxygen intake and it does offer way more protection than a sponge or cloth mask, although they are not very fashionable. The filter traps a lot of what we need to avoid. So if you want to step up the protection, find a mask with a carbon filter. The cheaper versions of this type of mask have been used for years to mask offensive odors, but they also are effective against bacterium and effective against many viruses.

Surgical Mask

This mask while is recommended over fabric coverings and many health professionals use this type of mask every day. Its one of the masks we most commonly see because they are widely accessible and fairly reliable in stopping the spread of contaminants and bacteria but understand it does not block everything especially really small particles, but it does do a good enough job of protecting you so it is recommended. These are single use so make sure you buy enough of these to last you through this pandemic.

FFP (1, 2 or 3) Masks

These masks isolate the suspended particles that will do us harm. It acts as a “mechanical filter respirator. The best one of these to wear is the FFP 3 mask it filters 99 percent of airborne particles. These masks can be uncomfortable to wear for extended periods of time so find the ones with an exhalation valve if this becomes a issue. They can be reused but they need to be sterilized first.

N95 Mask

These masks are known to be the most effective out of all the masks and face coverings I have talked about so if you are looking for them they are sometimes hard to find. These masks filter 95 percent of airborne particles, so they are your best bet when protecting yourself from COVID-19.  If you find a KN95 mask, the difference is the N95 mask is regulated by the U.S. government. The regulations are much stricter and that’s why I would recommend it over the KN95, although some would say they are just a good.


I wear a mask anytime I am in public and I am a fairly healthy person. So whatever you have to do to stay well, please do it. Continue to social distance so than this pandemic can be over and things can go back to normal. But until then, please wear a mask in public.

What are your thoughts? Have you been wearing a face covering? What kind? Leave a comment and stay safe during the pandemic.

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