Is This The Great America Trump Promised? Well No Thank You, I’ll Pass.

Are we living in the “Purge” or what exactly is the name of this Horror Movie?

I went to sleep one day, and when I woke up? America is literally in the middle of a horror flick. Every day, all day, what am I surrounded with?

Disaster after disaster with no end in sight. I just avoid watching television because the most bizarre images are on it all day. Have you noticed this country has gone crazy? It’s all the most outrageous scenes because this movie is a terrible film from the pit of Hades. You see it?

Wait a minute. A married couple in flip flops held guns on unarmed protesters….nope, I obviously need to go back to sleep, because I am in a living nightmare. I keep going to sleep at night but when I wake up? I’m still in the horror movie. What happened to living in “the best country on earth”? Was that a myth? If it’s bad now, when was it ever great? Because I swore it was great and somebody has made it hell on earth.

I’m just asking, who is to blame? Give me anybody to blame. You know what? I will blame aliens. They snatched the souls of some of the greatest people in history and left in their place, these beings that are absent of what makes human, our precious souls. Please, somebody just make it stop.


Tell me why unarmed protesters are being drawn upon by a couple that look like they could be vacationing in the Hamptons? The wife seems like she never held a gun a day in her life. I low key was hoping she didn’t shoot herself in the foot the way she was pointing it aimlessly.

At one point (there are longer videos, but I have a lot to cover,) the husband has the assault rifle sideways and his wife casually walks in front of his weapon.

I’m baffled. Yeah way to go Americans, brandish weapons at unarmed people but if you happen to shoot each other accidentally, then what?

The American dream is a tortuous nightmare and it began with a simple story. The story of children and people looking for a better life in what is advertised as the “best”. After all, this is America, the land that everyone supposedly has a chance to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and have a great life. Well it used to be like that for me. I used to live in a country where immigrants looking for a better life came here to escape persecution.

One day I went to sleep proud to be an American, until I heard the story about the children. I’m getting to the story but first…..


I went to sleep on the night of the election thinking there is no way a person who said he grabs women in the, you know what, would be elected President, right?

Let alone a man who chants along with his supporters at his rallies, “Get her out!” When a Black woman wearing a “Black Lives Matter” shirt tries to speak out at a rally, she is then pummeled by a man after he spits on her and calls her that name. You know the one. That name that Black people are so freely called now. I went to sleep knowing America had my back, right? No way will a progressive country like the United States in anybody who would send us back to a time when Black people were called that? Right?


But hey, you win some and you lose some, right America? And at this point in time, we are beyond losing let alone “great”.

But here we go with the Maga hats. The slogan is catching on too, “make America great” it where it starts and it ends with “again”. So if I didn’t know it when I first heard it? It didn’t take long for me to see just what make America great again means. And then the dreaded agenda began to unfold. Did you hear the story of the children? That was when I went from alarmed to unhinged, how dare you let this happen?


So the story began with Trump saying he was going to build a wall to keep illegal immigrants out. The next thing I know I’m hearing stories about children being separated from their families at the border. Wait, what does putting children in cages like sub humans have to do with protecting the borders?

In 2018 is estimated that approximately 2500 children were separated from their families at the border, and many of them will never see their families again. Why is this happening?

Why is it acceptable to treat the most vulnerable amongst us like zoo animals? If it is inhumane to starve dogs, why in the world is acceptable to put humans in cages and starve them? Oh yes, I forgot…..America is being made great….again. Well the children say differently.

(Posted on You Tube the New York Times)

Shame on America for picking on kids. The same country that has people in it that will throw red paint on your expensive fur coat because we hate to see harm come to animals, egged on Donald Trump when he put children in cages. You cheered. And I sobbed.

Just thinking about it makes me sleepy, but why go to sleep thinking that I will wake up in the land of opportunity. I’m officially in Maga Country.


Hosea 8:7 “For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind: it hath no stalk: the bud shall yield no meal: if so be it yield, the strangers shall swallow it up.” (KJV)

Just like in the Bible when the Hebrews sowed the wind by turning away from the way of God? America sowed the wind by unleashing, racism, sexism, homophobia, Trans phobia, classism and any other term used to describe traits that make us anything but great. We sowed the wind, but we are reaping the whirlwind.

The Wind of Ignorance, Fear, Anger and Distrust Reaps the Whirlwind of Death and Destruction

This is not a sermon. No, God is not punishing us and the rest of the world with COVID-19 and social unrest. But the way the pandemic and social unrest is being handled? We are seeing a haphazard response that is far from unifying, comforting and effective.

The effects we are dealing with because of our divisiveness, selfishness and entitlement is the death and destruction the pandemic brings, and it is totally man made and unnecessary. The protests are contributing to the rise of pandemic deaths and destroying the infrastructure of America. But how many times can you be allowed to brutalize your own before you get the wrath of the injustices? How can you blame marginalized victims for fighting back the only way they know how? We refused to let the victims kneel in silent protest. Is this better?

We are punishing ourselves. Because of our utter selfishness, (the wind) we are dying at an unnecessary rate and our people and society is suffering, (reaping the whirlwind.)

How do you say we are one nation, when you have people born in America that are treated with utter hostility? So if you turn on your own people, what good can come from that?

Comedian, Gabriel Iglesias summed that sentiment up best. When asked in an interview how it felt to go all over the world and how was he treated? He remarked that everywhere else he is called an American Comedian, but in his home country, he is called Mexican- American even though America is his home country.

Black Americans are called African- Americans and told to “go back to Africa” despite being born here. I mean even foreigners tell Black people to go back to a continent that Black Americans do not come from. How does a person born someone else scream that type of slur to someone who not only was born here….but mother, grandmother, great grandmother and so on was born here? Just where in Africa is a Black person supposed to go?

And why do foreigners know to hit Blacks with this racial slur? Because it is engrained in the fabric of America that certain people will NEVER be Americans, at least not in America.

If a Caucasian person has a mother born in Germany, but they themselves are born in America….they are considered American. They are able to say, I was born here. I am an American. They don’t have to state anything else. Their heritage is only brought up if they want to let you proudly know of their heritage.

But no matter how many generations non Whites can trace their American roots back, you will always be separated. But in other countries they look at Americans as being backwards and ignorant. Because a country divided against itself is a backwards country. We are far from the united and progressive act we put on. We don’t want to progress we want to be made great…..AGAIN.

Racism is only one plague heaped upon us and we see the effects of it don’t we? If you don’t think we are sowing the wind? Here are examples of the wind we have sown…..

(Posted on You Tube by NBC News)

(Posted on You Tube the New York Times)

And do you not see the wind has reaped the whirlwind? This your “one nation, under God”….

(Posted on You Tube by The Hill)


That is the solution. The horror story can become a love story.

We have to stop being hypocrites. We can’t shame Americans that are peacefully protesting the flag of the United States. We look like hypocrites to the world. We want everyone to stand at attention, with their right hands over our hearts, mindlessly repeating “One nation under God, with liberty and justice for all” but it’s not true.

And until we live in truth or fall in line with the principals this country stands for. United we stand, all of us together under the label, Americans. Or divided we fall, as a nation of hypocrites that pick and chose who will afford the luxury of being a true American. Forcing certain inhabitants to pay taxes without true representation or citizenship even if born here. Bullying the weak, the poor, the disenfranchised, the immigrants will have to end. We will have to truly be a beacon of light for the oppressed fleeing tyranny and inhumane treatment. Not the worst nightmare that they could ever imagine mistreated people would face, the feigned “greatness”. To be a nation under God, others must see the God in us. Not Satan and his minions, please stop letting the devil use you.

How dare you make the name “American” stand for racist, ignorant, hypocrites! Shame on you for being progressive one day then allow the worst among us to take over, only to embarrass us all in front of the world with their brutality and hatred for all that makes America good.

How dare you make a mockery of what God already made great?

I for one want to continue the progress we made as a country before we allowed stupidity to make its last disrespectful hoorah under the guise of being patriotic but what you really commit is atrocities in the name of a nation that stands for respect of persons regardless of the superficial differences that are all of a sudden gravely important.

No more laughing about grabbing women where the sun doesn’t shine. No more defecating on us and calling it blessings. No more lying, stealing, bullying and ignorance on full display for the whole world to see.

It’s time to put people in office who have our best interest at heart. People who love America. Its time to restore dignity to the American people. Have the courage to be great for real and not for play. How can we do that?

And maybe the next time I wake up, the nightmare will be over and America really will be great again. I love you America and that’s why I am telling you the truth.

But what do I know? I’m just a bootleg sociologist who nobody will listen to so I started a blog……….

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