Erica Banks Is a Female Rapper out Of Texas, But Don’t Compare Her to Meg Thee Stallion, She’s Her Own Woman

I get it. It’s easy to compare her to Meg Thee Stallion. The comparisons come so easy. They are both strong women out of Texas, but let’s be fair here, Erica Banks is different and it is not just that she is from Dallas, and not from Houston. And while some are not willing to allow her to shine and want to keep her in the shadow of another, I chose to give her proper place in hip hop. Erica Banks is going places and I want to see her get there. Just like all the other female rappers who didn’t want to be compared to anyone else, Erica Banks does her thing. Here is her song that I just love (to play when I want to channel my inner ratchet, although my twerk is quite geriatric, lol):

(Posted on You Tube by Erica Banks)

Yeah she’s got it. That spark that makes me want to see more of what she has to offer. 1501 Certified Entertainment has been accused of signing Erica Banks as a replacement for Meg Thee Stallion, and I don’t know if that is true or not but I have decided to wait and see how well she keeps the hits coming. So far? I like….

The problem is that women rappers are often pitted against each other and treated in such a way that makes them feel that there can only be one. It’s not like that for male rappers. There is not just one. They are allowed to be similar and you will still have people noticing the differences. Get my point?

There is no reason why one woman should rein on top while other women scramble to take her place. There is enough of a pie that everyone should get a slice. We saw the female rappers of the past, pay homage and lift each other up. They understood that rap is a competitive genre and it helps to have other people to help you compete. Remember this song?

(Posted on You Tube by UPROXX Video)

This is only one example of women in hip- hop working together to give the fans great music. And we can have this again, and wouldn’t that be wonderful? What if Meg thee Stallion and Erica Banks did a collaboration? If they did we would get the chance to see the differences, because they would both have to offer up something different while being on the same track. Just my opinion, but it would be a game changer, a sort of test or battle of wits. I’m excited about the prospect. It’s all fair in the game of hip-hop and the fans win when the game is challenging.

Until then, can we just let Ms. Banks be her own person?

Want more of Erica Banks?  Check this out:

(Posted on You Tube by Lex in the Box)

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What do you think?

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