Blue Ivy Carter Wins Her First B.E.T. Award At Only Eight Years Old

At the age when most little girls are playing with baby dolls and skipping rope, Blue Ivy Carter is winning awards. The young up and coming star won a Black Entertainment Television Award for her song, “Brown Skin Girl” which is collaboration with her mother Beyoncé, WizKid, and Saint Jhn. Have you had a chance to catch the song?

Well here it is:

(Posted on You Tube by Beyoncé-Topic)

The video is basically a beautiful series of pictures, video and touching scenes about and with Blue Ivy Carter, did you enjoy it?

This was not the first song she was ever on either. At the age of five, Blue Ivy rapped on her father’s Jay Z’s album, “4:44”. She is featured on three songs and on one she is heard rapping that she had “never seen a ceiling in my whole life”.  Yeah when the sky is your limit who can be bothered with ceilings?   

Well not only is she featured on the song, “Brown Skin Girl”, little Ms. Carter has won an award for the tune which is amazing. I mean she is only eight years old.  We knew with such talented parents, Blue Ivy would be doing some great things, but did you think it would be winning music awards at the age of eight? The song has made its way onto the Billboard Hot 100 which is a feat that many seasoned artists struggle to do.

Also it should be noted that in addition to winning the award alongside with Blue Ivy, Beyoncé was honored with the Humanitarian Award. But, rather than soak up all the praise, Mrs. Carter dedicated the award to the Black Lives Matter protestors who have been tirelessly protesting the recent killings of Black Americans at the hands of law enforcement. “Your voices are being heard and you’re proving to our ancestors that their struggles were not in vain,” Mrs. Carter said to the protestors during her acceptance speech.

I just wonder if Blue Ivy is doing big things at eight years of age, what the twins, Rumi and Sir, will be doing next.  I can’t wait to see. Congratulations Blue Ivy on your award. Do you agree?

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