How to Make Your Own Bacon Bits, plus, Add Bacon Bits to These Items to Kick Up the Flavor: Includes Vegan Option!

If you are a pork eater, you must admit that bacon is notoriously delicious. Just a slice of it packs a lot of flavor. So this article is dedicated to it being added to items to increase the flavor therefore increasing the deliciousness.

The thing to remember is that bacon is salty, so if your food is already nicely seasoned with salt then your food will be extremely salty when you add the bacon to it so in the case of using bacon to add saltiness, add a small amount. That is a good strategy, because you can add more salt but you can’t take it out so use discretion.

Bacon is not just a breakfast meat that is served with scrambled eggs, because when added to the right ingredients it provides a depth of flavor unlike any other. Here are some ideas on what to add bacon to and kick up the flavor.

But first let’s make some homemade bacon bits, which I think when done right are a better option than buying them at the grocery store. If you happen to use the recipe, drop a comment and let me know how the recipe worked for you!

Easy Bake Bacon Bits Recipe

Things You Need:

A Good Amount of Choice Quality Bacon Slices (amount varies)

A Cookie Sheet

Aluminum Foil

Protective Items


First of all use quality bacon, I mean one that is meaty and the right amount of fat. Cheaper brands tend to cook down lot more than thicker cuts and thicker cuts cost more. The thinner the bacon the faster it cooks. Set your oven to 325 degrees.

Monitor your bacon once you start to smell it cooking. Use caution and turn the oven down if you notice excess smoking or the bacon has started to burn. Be careful removing the cookie sheet because the bacon will cause an extremely hot run off of that liquefied.

Line a cookie sheet with aluminum foil. You may want to crinkle it a little to make some grooves or ridges that will keep oil trapped at the bottom of the sheet when the aluminum is fashioned around the pan so that bacon slices can bake on the sheet.

Lay the bacon slices onto the aluminum lined sheet without the slices overlapping. (Remember that as the slices cook it will cause liquefied bacon oil that renders of the bacon fat to fill the cookie sheet. Because of this fact do not crowd the sheet with too many strips of bacon.)

When the bacon is cooked to your desired amount of time, remove it from the oven slowly and safely. Use caution and protective items to insure you do not burn yourself.

Paper Towels Are a Must !

You should lay cooked bacon slices onto paper towels to soak up the liquefied bacon once the bacon slices are cooked to the desired consistency. If you are later going to dehydrate your finished cooked product, then you don’t have to cook your bacon until it is super crispy. The reason is, the dehydrating process will dry out the bacon to give it a more familiar bacon bits consistency. You can also blot your cooked bacon with the paper towels to remove the oil.

Chop or crumble the cooked bacon slices just make sure the finished product is cool. If the bacon is a softer consistency use a knife to chop it into bits. If the bacon is a crispy consistency just use clean hands to crumble the bacon into bits.


The great thing about making these bacon bits is that clean up is easy. Remember, you put aluminum foil on your cookie sheet. After removing the cooked bacon, set the sheet in an appropriate place to cool.

Once the bacon fat cools, it turns white as it solidifies. Pull off the aluminum foil for an easy clean up of your cookware. Now when you plunge the sheet into soapy water it is not greasy….


Now that we have the bacon bits made, what do we put them on? Everything!

*Add bacon bits to string beans

*Add bacon bits to Mexican Style corn

*Add bacon bits to honey and glaze baby carrots with a bacon glaze

*Top baked potatoes with sour cream and bacon bits

* Add bacon bits to an apple filled fruit salad and let the saltiness combat the sweet

* BBQ some pitted, and halved fresh peaches on the grill then season with bacon bits and syrup when done *Stir bacon bits into your macaroni and cheese

* Add chopped fresh tomatoes, cucumber and bacon bits into your Italian pasta salad for increased saltiness

*Pulverize dehydrated bacon bits into a powder and dust whipped cream with it

* Add bacon bits to your warm caramel sauce and pour the concoction over vanilla ice-cream

* Top your favorite sushi with your home-made bacon bits

*Half way through cooking, press bacon bits into your favorite biscuit dough

* Add bacon bits to a glaze and pour it over your salmon before cooking

* Add bacon bits to your hot dogs right between the bun and wiener

*Add bacon bits right into the jar of homemade dill pickle chips


I haven’t forgotten I promised a vegan option. This is for those of us who are trying to eat less meat or have went vegetarian or completely vegan. Here is a cool video I found. Check it out:

(Posted on You Tube by The Cutting Board)

There are many ways bacon can be added to kick up a meal. Want to share how you use your homemade bacon bits? I hope you will leave a comment and share the ways you add bacon to make a meal special.

What are your thoughts?

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